Colored Perspective

The whole world around us is as it is. Everyday its is evolving, adapting and changing itself as per our behavior. Thus it always tries to maintain itself in an equilibrium state.

Even then each one of us sees the world from a different perspective. It is same yet it is not the same ! Everybody has something different to say about the world.

Here i recalled the story of the elephant and blind men related to this point. Some blind men were taken near an elephant and told to feel the object in front of them and identify it. One blind man touched the legs and said it was a log of wood. Another held the trunk and said it was a big hose pipe. Another held the tail and said it was like a rope. One man touched its stomach and said it is a wall. One touched its ears and replied that it was a fan.

Its ok if they said different things about the elephant, because they were blind. They could not see the elephant. But whats wrong with us ?? Most of us are all right. Then why do we fail to see the big picture ? Why can’t we see the world as it is ? Why are we so biased sometimes ? It’s strange that if something bad is happening in people’s life then they will blame the  world around them. But if something good is coming up then they readily take all the credit !

It is like we people are wearing shaded specs. We see the world shaded by the color of the glasses. And we believe firmly that whatever we see is real and obvious. So there is almost no scope of change in our viewpoints. Sometimes we are ever ready to fight that what we see is correct without even listening to others views ! Thus different people view the same world from different perspectives.

Examples in point – Some believe that the world will end in the end of year 2012. While others (like me) are sure that nothing so catastrophic will happen so soon. Some see the world polluted and depleted of its resources. While others contribute their share in doing whatever they can instead of just complaining. Some see the world filled with war and crime. While others promote peace and good will.

The world is great. It is as it is. It is not going to change drastically just by our thoughts. So why color our views about the world. Why not accept it as it is. And i don’t think it is all that difficult. We just need to remove our colored glasses. It’s as simple as that.