I am Jayati Deshmukh.

I am a complete Indian as i am associated with 6 states of India as of now! Thus i have seen a lot diversity of India. Professionally i am a Computer Engineer. I love coding.  I have an INTJ personality. I like challenges. I like solving problems. I like having deep discussions. I am a perfectionist and want everything to happen as planned (and mostly this is the reason of stress for me). I give my 100% to achieve my goals. I always like to have something to look forward to in life which keeps me motivated. I am a voracious reader and i also want to write a book one day. I am an amateur photographer. I am also interested in music. I like listening to instrumental music and i can also play keyboard. I find music soothing for the mind and soul. You can find some of my keyboard covers here.

Welcome to my blog “My Cup of Tea”. My blog is a window which presents glimpses of the journey of my life. Hope you enjoy here. Please do leave your feedback or suggestions in the comments below.

This beautifully sums up the reason for starting My Cup of Tea-

We write to taste life twice,
And read it to relive the moments forever!



32 comments on “About

  1. sukira kyuzo says:

    Hi Jayati, I’m Thu from Vietnam, I read about the kite on your blog and found it is so interesting ^^ wow, we have the same hobbies but I’m not good in writing poem. Have anice day ^^

    • Jayati says:

      Hi Thu,
      Its great that you enjoyed reading my post on the kite.
      I am happy to hear that we have similar hobbies.
      Even writing poems is not that difficult 😀 !
      Give it a try !!!
      Wishing you all the best !

  2. Balu says:

    Hi Jayati,
    I have nominated you for the Awesome Blog Content award.
    Check this out to know more. http://balamuthu.com/2012/03/24/awesome-blog-content-award/

    Congrats 🙂

  3. Balu says:

    Jayati, You are a creative blogger. I’m always delighted to read your posts. I have nominated you for Kreativ blogger award.

    Please accept 🙂

  4. Prabaharan E says:

    Hey i was just reading through blogs and came here. Your stuff in your blog is awesome. A-Z you is a good one. Cheers for your future posts..

  5. Gargi Sharma says:

    Want to start a new bookclub? One book a month?

    I’d love to have you along 🙂
    Do tell – http://gargisharma1.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/bookclub/

  6. I am glad to have found this blog. Tuned in too!

  7. Dilip says:

    Nice blog Jayati and great to know you are an engineer by profession. Wish you wonderful future and an enjoyable blogging journey.
    Kind regards! 🙂

  8. vandysnape says:

    Hi Jayati! You’ve been tagged. :)If you like the game do answer the questions 🙂

  9. Rishi says:

    Hi Jayati,

    I am the author of a debut fiction, ‘Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai,’ released in bookstores last month. I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing the book on your blog. For more information on the book, please visit http://www.rishivohra.com.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    • Jayati says:

      Thanks a lot Rishi,

      I currently busy with studies right now,
      but i would love to read and review the book ‘Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai’.
      I look forward to it as soon as i am free.


  10. sridhar says:

    You have designed your blog so good , i want to know some information about IIITB , i am from ECE ,my gate rank (2012) is 1363(gate score 633). may i get admission in IIITB

    • Jayati says:

      Hi Sridhar,
      The call is based on Gate score as well as 10th and 12th board score and other achievements.
      However you can expect a call as your gate score is good.

  11. Hey I was searching someone writing about IIIT-B. I got your blog. Read some articles. They were really good. Have some queries about the college. So can you give me your email id so that we can talk. Surely wont take much of your time. Thanks in advance. Have a great Day !!

    • Jayati says:

      Hi Shashank,
      Thanks a lot !
      I would suggest that you post your queries here on my blog itself so that others who have similar queries may also get a reply.

  12. Harsha says:

    Hi Jayati,

    I have got an admit from IIIT-B for Mtech and found your blog when i was going through the OSL site. I wanted to know about the college in general and the facilities and research. My areas of interests are Machine Learning(ML), distributed systems, analytics. Is there any ML lab separately. Is it a good place to continue this.

    Secondly on the OSL site i saw two categories Mtech thesis students and Mtech project students, how are the different.

    • Jayati says:

      Hi Harsha,

      Congrats and welcome to IIIT-B !

      IIIT-B is the best place if you want to learn. It has highly experienced faculties. It also provides good opportunities for research.

      There is Computational Science Lab which works on ML. OSL lab is also currently working on an analytics project. Thus IIIT-B is a great place to continue in this area. You can join and know more about it.

      In the last semester one can either do thesis or internship. Thus on the OSL site MTech thesis students spent their final semester doing research and finally submitted a thesis. MTech project students participated in OSL lab during the other semesters (like project elective).

  13. Satyam Roy says:

    Hey ,, Nice Blog …. Keep up the good blog … 🙂

  14. beveragewala says:

    Hi Jayati,

    Read your blog, loved it…

    Was wondering if you could write something/review our startup in the beverages space in India.

    Greetings from Beveragewala.
    We are an ecommerce company focused on selling premium teas and coffees in India. We have over 35 brands offering more than 400 products currently. We well all types of Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal, White Teas & Coffees.

    Manish Hada

  15. Manish Hada says:

    Hello Jayati,

    We are an ecommerce startup selling premium teas and coffees. We have a range of healthy teas like green teas, oolong teas, white teas and so on. We would love to get a coverage by you.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Team Beveragewala

  16. Vinaya M S says:

    Hi Jayati,

    I don’t know how I landed on your blog space. I read through few of your blogs. Loved reading them. Keep the good work going 🙂 Felt happy to notice a fellow IIIT-Bian this way 🙂


    • Jayati says:

      Hi Vinaya,
      Thanks a lot! 🙂 Blogging is fun, although haven’t posted a lot recently. True, it feels great to meet IIIT-Bians on these platforms!

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