Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

Five stories. Fifty words each. Inspiration Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty.

A fifty paise coin

I am a fifty paise coin from India. Earlier i was a prized possession. I could buy a meal, a ride or even a movie ticket a few decades ago. However today i am good for nothing, although i am legal. Even beggars and bus conductors refuse to accept me.


Fiftieth Anniversary

They cut a multi-tier chocolate cake on the beach on their Golden Anniversary. As they looked back through the photographs, it seemed as though is was just yesterday when they married. It seemed as though time had flown. Hand in hand they promised to be together till their last breath.


Fiftieth Test Century

The stadium was shouting “Sachin! Sachin!”. He was patiently waiting for the right ball. And finally in one stroke he completed his fiftieth century in test cricket. Sachin became the first Indian to set this record. Complete stadium was cheering and saluting the master blaster. Indeed a moment to treasure!


Fiftieth Birthday

Today i have completed 5 decades on Earth. Its a day to retrospect and rejoice. I dreamt, planned, worked hard and achieved most dreams. Grew wiser and smarted. I achieved everything i wished and more. I promise to spend my life ahead helping others achieve their dreams, like i did!


A Question

100 Units of cash. Two players. You decide the ratio of distribution of cash among the two and the opponent either agrees or disagrees. If he agrees, cash is divided as suggested. If he disagrees, then roles are swapped and process continues. How will you divide? Fifty-Fifty? Or someway else?


What to write ???

It is rightly said that each and every day is different and unique. Same person(me), similar surroundings, same environment, everything is same but the thoughts are different! Things are same yet they are not same !!! 😀

Some times i am just brimming with ideas. In a short span of just 15 minutes i can come up with 2-3 different ideas to write a new post. Some of these ideas are so interesting that i instantly put them down n publish !

But today is a different day 😦 I have been thinking for a new and interesting topic for my new post but nothing new strikes me today. Some topics are not good enough while others are not that thought-provoking.

So from this situation i have learn’t that we just can’t force ourselves. A new idea is always a gift. And a gift cannot be demanded. Gifts are always presented as surprise! So from now on i am going to pen down and publish as soon as i get a cool topic or idea. I won’t wait for the right day or time. As i have understood that each day is different. I hope that such ‘idealess’ days are rare and don’t occur quite often.

I don’t know what to write
The ideas are not so bright
Don’t know what’s wrong n right
Trying hard with all my might
Luckily such days are a rare sight
What to do, with whom to fight
Stayed stark awake all the night
Hope one can understand my plight
I know i must not hold on tight
As darkness goes with bright light !

My First Post !

This is my first post. I was thinking what should i write. Then i thought, well let me just share my reasons of writing my blog.

All of us come in this world and want to be heard. We come and we go but our words, deeds and memories remain.Even i wanted to create something through which i can present myself to the world and that’s my blog !

Through this blog i would like to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings with the world. I would like to find people who have similar interests like me. And above all i would like to be a part of the “Writing Community” i.e. people who pen down their lives.