Journey called ‘Life’

Life is so uncertain with its twists and turns
A moment of ecstasy & another one of burns
No one can predict what’s coming up next
So let’s face every single moment with zest

 Why to worry and ruin the present?
If we can be happy then why resent?
Joy and sorrow go hand in hand
Even flowers grow on thorny land

 Happiness is incomplete without dismay
Every night is followed by a day
Why get affected by sheer small things
Let’s fill our life with a new Jing

 If things don’t turn out as we like
Buck up and let’s once again strike
Don’t lose hope & don’t give up
Transform half empty into half full cup

 Life is a challenge so let’s face it
Seek happiness in every small bit
Let’s consider sorrows as stepping-stones
Face dangers by removing all skull n bones

 Why to worry about tomorrow, today?
So let’s drown all our tensions in a bay
We will surely get what we deserve
So why be nervous and get unnerved

 What seems wrong may turn out to be right
Let’s not make things worse with our fright
Face uncertainty as a big surprise
Enjoy present as it’s the best prize.

This poem was published in the Times of India dated January 13th, 2012


I Have Seen

I have seen the rising sun

Which lightens a new dawn.

I have felt a breeze blowing through my hair

Which refreshes the mind, body and soul.

I have seen a shooting star

Which fulfills all the wishes we ask.

I have seen a gurgling creek

Which inspires to follow the path untrodden.

I have seen the lashing rains

Which cleanses our heart.

I have seen the rainbow brightening up the sky

Which unites us all with our differences.

I have seen birds soaring high in the sky

Which rises up to untouched heights.

I have seen the last ray of dusk

Which promises to bring back the rising sun.

Published in the Times Of India dated 22 Oct 2010