“Newer us” meets “Older us”

Sometimes we leave behind some places and move on,
To find new lands and to learn different things,
But we don’t leave like the person we came,
We have been transformed,
By the people, the place and the experiences.

A part of us, decides to stay back…
And, everytime when we go back,
The newer us meets the older us,
And both of them, talk with each other,
As there are a lot of things to catch up on…
The newer us shares the news of the outside world,
As well as the newer lessons learnt and experiences gained,
And the older us turns nostalgic and reminisces of the old times,
It also tells how the place has transformed since the time we left,

And after this discussion, the combined us,
Starts to think if the newer us is better or the older us?
But the truth is that neither is better in itself,
It is the combined us with the combined knowledge and experiences,
Which turns out to be wiser…

And then when the time comes to leave that place again,
The older us decides to stay back, a bit wiser
And the newer us thinks back of the good old days…
Both will be back from where they came and where the belong,
But both have transformed a lot in the process,

And the place where it all happened, feels like home…
And its people, like family…
And the knowledge gained, priceless…

Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill | Authentic Indian Thali

Today’s Daily Prompt asks “If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?”

I am a foodie ! I specially love eating home cooked food (made by Mom). My mom makes all my favorite delicacies when i visit home in holidays. So being at home, even if someone gives me these magic pills for free, i will not have them but rather give them to the poor. I will not be able to resist the delicious dishes like matar paneer, dosa, uttapam, sandwiches, breadrolls, chola bhatura oh this list can go on and on and make a 1000 work post 😀

However i would like to keep a lot of these magic pills as spare when i am away from home. These will come to my rescue when i have no option but to eat the sometimes-not-so-good mess food. It will be so easy. No need to sacrifice and eat something i don’t like. No need to go out during exams. No need to order online. But how long can one relish these tasteless pills. I am sure i will be bored in a few days and rush somewhere to enjoy a full meal. I am sure the tastebuds will disintegrate if we keep taking these pills for long 😀 I don’t think these pills can give the awesome feeling of satisfaction of a stomach-full meal.

So in my opinion these pills will be best for worst cases. Instead of starving, one can have these pills. These can be useful for people who get lost in deserts or oceans. These can also solve the problem of malnutrition of some of the under-developed and developing countries. They can be beneficial for the soldiers on the borders.

Here are a few pics of the authentic “Indian Thali” !

Summer Special
Summer Special
Tasty Uttapam
Tasty Uttapam
Hmmm Yummy !
Hmmm Yummy !
Matar Paneer
Matar Paneer

I am sure you must be feeling hungry after looking at these pics. So forget the pill and enjoy tasty food !!!