Happy Engineers’ Day

We have the capability to bring a change,
We have the potential to make this world a better place,
We are the future of tomorrow !
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

Nothing is impossible for us,
We can do things nobody has ever dreamt,
We are the foundation of the world,
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

We are brave enough to accept any challenge,
We can work day and night to meet the deadlines,
We are true of our words,
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

Think twice before challenging us,
Because we are used to doing daunting things,
So most probably we will win ๐Ÿ˜Ž
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

We can build bridges between enemies,
Our skyscrapers can reach the stars,
However our thoughts can take us to a different world,
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

We rise with double strength if we fail,
We are brave enough to accept our mistakes,
We are smart enough not to repeat the same ones again ๐Ÿ˜‰
We are the engineers
We rock the world !

We have revolutionary ideas in our minds,
We have a sense of pride in our hearts,
We have peace and serenity in our souls,
We are the engineers
We rock the world !


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I may not be the smartest person
But i am witty enough

I may not be the most beautiful
But my heart is pure enough

I may not be the most intelligent person
But i am clever enough

I may not always act as expected
But my intentions are good enough

I may not always stand up to your expectations
Because i try to stand up to my standards

I may not always say what you want to hear
But my feelings are always true enough

I may sometimes behave in a childish way
But my thoughts are mature enough

I may not have dozens of friends
But my few besties are close enough

I may not always be a winner
But efforts are always good enough

I may not be perfect
But i am happy the way i am !

Our limits are limitless

We build our own limits. We imagine what we can do and what we cant. We decide how much we can work and how much we can play. We decide what is feasible and what is not feasible for us. We define our own deadlines and limitations.

But it is all our own thinking. Everything is possible. We are capable of doing bigger things than the things we can ever imagine doing. Nothing is impossible.

All that is needed is to take a step outside our limits. Ya, just one step. And we start realizing our true potential. We understand that we can do a lot more than our preconceived limitations. We can work more than we think we can work. We can achieve more than we think we can achieve. We can get everything we have ever dreamt as well as the things we have not dreamt yet.

We must come forward and take risks. We must be ready to face challenges. Sometimes its fun to challenge ourselves more than challenging others. In this way we can discover our own hidden talents and capabilities. It feels great to break our own records.

If we know that everything is possible, then why sit back ? Why to feel miserable due to self imposed limits ? Just one step out of our comfort zone, and we are enlightened. Its time that we realize our true potential. Its time to reach for the stars. Its time to discover ourselves. Its time to be proud of our capabilities. Its time to wake up and make our life the way we want it to be !

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New Life —> New Beginning

An end and a fresh start.
Bulls eye struck by my dart.
Hope everything goes on well
In these thoughts i constantly dwell.

A new beginning leads to change.
It seems a bit frightening and strange.
Hope to get adapted pretty soon.
Wish everything turns out to be a boon.

A new city, a different culture
All will lead to a bright future.
New connections, new friends.
People on whom i can depend.

I want to learn, i want to grow
In comp science i wanna be a pro
Dream of reaching the unreached height
Ready to do my best with all my might

I promise to always focus on my aim.
Wanna earn fame, money and name.
I promise to be strong & to never give up
Always to view life like a half filled cup

Things have always been good for me
Hope that it always continues to be
Whatever i deserve i want to get
As well as things i haven’t dream’t yet !

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Book Review – The Fountainhead

Since a long time i was planning to read The Fountainhead. But my final semester exams, the thickness of the book and its small font prevented me from reading it earlier ๐Ÿ™‚

But it was worth the wait. It is an awesome book. Ayn Rand the author has described all the characters of the book to such a minute detail that they literally come alive in front of the eyes.ย  It is a 1943 novel but almost all the scenarios described in it are valid even today. It is a bestseller and millions of copies have been sold all over the world in many languages. The book is mainly based on the life of two architects who compete, struggle and fight with each other to get success, money and recognition.

I specially loved the character of Howard Roark who maintains his individualism till any extent. He gives a speech in the end which is superb. Roark is an example of the type of person, a person should. Thus we can say that he is an ideal. His friend and college mate Peter is the opposite of him. He can fall to any extent to see himself good in others’ eyes. A term which i liked in this regard which has been coined in this book is second-hander i.e. a person who does everything to please others and is nothing by himself. Dominique’s speech in the courtroom again makes an awesome read.

This book has been added to my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚ I just could not leave it once i started reading it. All the human sentiments from love, anger, revenge, jealousy, sacrifice … are filled in this book. Do read it when you get time. Its amazing ! I finally got how a bestseller should be ๐Ÿ˜€

Plan B

Life is a challenge and every moment has something new and surprising to offer. A person is able to successfully sail through this journey if and only if it has been planned beforehand. It’s true that our life’s journey cannot go on exactly as we plan. Sometimes it may be a little different and sometimes completely different from what we had planned ! But this does not mean that we should stop planning. A good plan helps us in facing tricky situations and handling them tactfully. And sometimes we may need to react spontaneously if the situation is not as per our plans. And that’s what we call LIFE ! Life shows its colors and gives us varied experiences from which we gain wisdom.

So my point is regarding the plan B of life. Plan B is the second (sometimes third :)) option which we keep in hand for ourselves for some difficult or tricky situations. Thus due to some reason if plan A fails then plan B is there. Now there are two theories regarding the plan B, one in favor of it and one against it. Let me elaborate both of these in detail.

There are some who are in favor of keeping plan B. They say that one should keep in mind both the positive and negative aspects about anything. So just in case in your plan A fails you will atleast have plan B about which you had already planned earlier. It is also less depressing in case your plan A fails. Life is not always rosy. It has its ups and downs. A person is well prepared only if he has foreseen both the sides of the coin i.e. he is prepared for both flowers and thorns. It is not negative attitude but reality. Thus it cannot be denied.

On the other hand some people are strongly against having a plan B. They say that by keeping a plan B you are giving yourself an option. So you are not going to give your 100% percent in achieving your plan A. In some corner of your mind there is someone who says “No issues if you fail, you always have a plan B”. And thus the probability of plan A’s success decreases. Also they say be positive ! Look at the bright side of things. But in this case just by chance if plan A fails (if it has to it will) then the person can get depressed. This is because he had thought only of success and is thus not prepared to face the new and unplanned circumstances. Hence now he needs to take the decision in a hurry without planning which can be disastrous.

I have thought a lot about both these viewpoints. And i feel both are correct till a certain level. Sometimes i have a plan B and sometime i don’t. It all depends on the situation. But i would suggest that whatever you do, do your best. Because it’s the worst feeling when you feel that you did not try hard enough. Give your best and then choose from the best option you have. But never ever settle for less than you deserve. As Maureen Dowd has said, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.โ€

What do you think. Is plan B important ? Should we have a plan B or not ? Please do share your views and opinions regarding this …