Tips for Vegetarian food in China

Vegetarian? Traveling to China? Then you must be worried about what you are going to eat there. Most people eat non veg there. Almost all the restaurants serve only non veg food. Then how are you going to survive? People who have never been to China will tell you similar things. Worry not, here are some tips which might turn out to be useful for the vegetarians.

First, the hotel you decide to book is very important. Check the details, see reviews and pics online. Make sure that they offer a nice buffet breakfast. Make sure there is sufficient time to have a nice and heavy breakfast. I used to have milk and cornflakes, boiled eggs or omelet, waffle or pancake, some fruits and juice, baked vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes and any other vegetarian dish that might be served. Also if possible keep some fruits and pieces of cake in your bag to munch later. And after such heavy breakfast I was ready to start my day.

I had brought sufficient stock of some ready to eat Indian dishes. MTR has a lot of options of such items. I just needed to add some boiling water and the dish was ready in 5 mins. There are options of poha, upma and suji halwa. Poha was my favorite. I also had cup noodles and haldiram’s bhelpuri for change. Before leaving the hotel I used to keep one of these ready to eat dishes in my bag to eat just in case if I don’t find anything to eat during the day. In China, at most places one can get hot water.

Adjust. Even with some veg options you can make good things to eat. For example I used buns applied butter added a few slices of cheese added some veggies and my veg burger was ready! I ate a lot of desserts and fruits. Try to eat something out of whatever is available.

Experiment. Try out other veg options which might be available in restaurants. Check with the chefs that it contains no meat or fish. With recent vegetarian and vegan trends all over the world, there are some Chinese vegetarian restaurants. Also i heard that some Buddhist temples and the places nearby serve vegetarian food, although i didn’t get to visit such places.

Indian restaurants! Atleast in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing there are many Indian restaurants. Plan and go there in the evening. I went to Kebabs on the grill in Cool Docks in Shanghai and it was my favorite place in China. They were so nice as they created a special veg combo meal for me as I was traveling solo. I searched for Indian restaurants and went to the ones which were easily accessible. And I had some of the yummiest Indian meals!

Install HappyCow app. It show vegan and vegetarian restaurants nearby. It also has ratings and reviews. In a new city, this app can be a life savior!

Ignore the people who say that there will be nothing vegetarian to eat in China. Let me know if these tips were useful and add more tips to get tasty vegetarian food in China.

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