Realization – A new “ME”

Note : If you feel that this post is all jumbled up or that the sentences do not link each other or anything else then you can stop anytime. Today my thoughts are all jumbled up, filled with thousands of questions and so this post may be like that.

Every month, few students from our college visit Swanthana and Desire which are homes for special children. I always wanted to go but either i was too busy with my assignments and projects or i was not brave enough to face the reality. Today was the last trip of this year, and i had decided that come what may i will go, i will face it.

We a group of 11 started at 8:30 AM from college. Most of them had visited the place atleast once. I was the one who was going for the first time. I was apprehensive, what will i do, will i be able to make a few kids happy ? Will i be able to bring a smile on their faces ? Will i be able to control my emotions in front of them ? Anyways we bought a few things for the kids. After a bus journey and a long walk we reached “Swanthana – Care for the girl child with special needs” at 10 AM.


At first look, i found the campus good. There was a garden blooming with flowers and a play-area for the kids to play. When we entered the building was spic and span. We entered the common room where all the girls from the age group 1 – 15 years who were physically or mentally challenged were present. As soon as i entered a little girl came and hugged me. The kids were so happy to find so many people around. All of us interacted with them. We played games with them. We blew balloons for them. They were so happy playing with balloons and bursting them. We moved some of them around in wheel-chairs. I still cannot believe its so easy to bring a smile on their faces.

Till then a Sister along a some attendant girls prepared lunch for then. I fed a few girls. Just talk to them and they smile or respond. Even though they cannot reply back in our language they can very well show their emotions. I was surprised that some of the girls were very smart. One of them “Acchu” had a problem in her legs. She played a lot with us on the wheel-chair. She knew how to read and write. She knew the names of all the other girls. Another one “Divya” was not well. But my friends told that she likes to be independent. She has some problem in her limbs. Yet she can draw and she even eats by herself. She can recite poems. She talked a lot with us. She knew both English and Kannada. Get well soon Divya ! I will bring oranges and grapes for you next time. I was just awestruck. Some of these kids were so smart. They just needed love and care. After lunch they were back in their rooms. All the rooms were segregated according to the age group of girls. The rooms were clean and well maintained. Probably it was time for their afternoon nap, so we waved them goodbye left with heavy hearts.

These kids are also like other kids. They are special children. They also need love and care. They also need attention. They can also feel just like us. They are also “Human Beings”.

I salute the Sisters who sacrifice their lives in service. Visiting such places for a day is easy, but taking complete care of them 24/7 is very difficult. Swanthana is the only place in Karnataka for the girl child with special needs. I don’t know what would have happened to them if it was not there. Sisters, I salute you !

All of know that physically and mentally challenged people exist. But its a completely different story to visit them and spend some time with them. After this visit, I have so many questions in my mind. Why do these kids are this way ? Did they do something wrong and became like this as a punishment ? If yes then what can be soooo wrong ? Or else there is some other reason ? Why did their parents leave them ? How could a mother leave her new-born child in a dust-bin ? How can some parents be so cruel ? Do they ever feel guilty ? Do they even know if their child is dead or alive ? Do they ever secretly visit to see them ? What is the best option for the parents to care for these kids ? After all even the life of parents takes a twist ! Even the parents who care for their special children, what do they feel ? how do they see their child struggle each day ?  How do some people like the Sisters decide to dedicate their complete life to them ? How can they be so self-less ?  What about these kids ? Are they lucky that their life was saved ? What do they think ? What do they feel ?

We get bored doing same work. These kids have the same routine daily.
We get bored eating the same food. These kids eat the same food daily.
We get bored staying at the same place. These kids lie on the same bed forever.
We get bored by the clothes we wear. These kids don’t have a choice.
We complain for the smallest problems in life. These kids are happy with the smallest pleasures.

I thought a lot ! May be i will be able to find the answers to my questions. There must be some reason for such kids to come in this world. May be they come to make people realize what life is. May be they want us to show how hard life can be . May be they want to bring a new realization in us. May be they want us to stop grumbling and crying for petty issues. May be they want us to look at life from a brighter side. May be they want us to be more loving and caring. May be they want to build a better tomorrow.
May be … Who knows …

Someday everything will make perfect sense.
So, for now, laugh at the confusion,
smile through the tears and
keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
~Paulo Coelho

Is Internet making us poor ?

These days we are so used to looking for culprits of our problems. We just focus on the problems and highlight their causes. It’s high time that we change our attitude. Being professionals we must look for solutions and not for problems. On these lines I will say that Internet is a technology. We have ourselves built it and it completely depends on us as to how we use it. We can use it the way we want. So I don’t feel that we can put the blame on Internet for any of our problems. Thus in my opinion Internet is not making us poor in any way.

Let us firstly look at poverty from different perspectives:

1.      Financially

If we see the world GDP it has increased from 1.36 trillion dollars in 1960 (around the time when Internet came into picture) to 69.98 trillion dollars in 2011. Even from India’s perspectives the GDP has increased from 37.68 billion dollars to 1.85 trillion dollars.

The World Bank, which defines poverty as survival on less than $1.25 per day, says India reduced poverty from 60% of the population to 42% between 1981 and 2005.

Even though the figures are large, we need to look for solutions of financial poverty instead of focusing on the causes of the problem. And secondly atleast we are on a progressing trend.

On a brighter side, a report says that Internet i.e. e-commerce contributes 3.2% of Indian GDP.

2.      Psychologically

Earlier when internet was not there it was very difficult and time-consuming to connect with people. But internet has completely changed the picture. At the click of a button we can find like minded people having similar interests across the globe. We can easily share our ideas with each other over the internet. We can connect with long lost friends. We can make our own network of people as per our interests.  According to the theory of 6 degree of connection we are atmost 6 hops away from any person in this world !

It is said that all this has decreased the actual interaction between people. People are so happy in the virtual world that they ignore the real world. But we know that excess of anything can be dangerous. This is true with internet as well. It is our decision as to how to use and how much to use the Internet. Internet is just there, available as a big sea of everything. It is in our hands how to use it in the best possible way.

3.      Spiritually

Spiritually also we are much better off as compared to earlier days. Earlier people had on one to clarify their doubts. But today all types of questions from rebirth to reasons behind beliefs have an answer on the Internet. So today people need not live in the darkness of the unknown.

Thus I feel that it completely depends on us as to how we use the Internet. It is like a magical wand that is capable of doing both good and bad.

Image credits : Wikipedia