Interview Experience at IIIT Bangalore

Edit – I have graduated from IIIT-B. You can find my IIIT-B journey experience here –Β IIIT-B, My Alma Mater.

My interview for the MTech at IIIT-B was scheduled on May 03rd, 2012. It was mentioned in the call letter to report at the institute by 9AM. So I along with my Dad started early and reached the institute at 8AM. I was given a gate pass at the entrance. The institute is so beautiful. It is surrounded by trees and there is greenery all around. IIIT-B was my first preference to do MTech and after the first glance of the college my decision felt even more correct. Here are a few pics…

Since we reached somewhat early we were told to wait in the campus. Some other students had also arrived with their parents. At 8:30 AM we were called one by one and given the check list for the day. In the check list there were four rows stating Things to be done – receiving check list, biometric test, document verification and interview. After completing each stage we had to get our checklist signed. So my first stage was over in a moment :).

Next I was told to go to room number 160 for biometric test. We were told to sit as per our registration numbers and wait. There were two sections one for people who had got Gate waiver and the other for those who had come through the entrance exam. In the beginning they were calling us one by one. But then they started calling randomly. In the meantime a person came from a bank and told about easy loan schemes for students. Finally my turn came at 10:30 AM. In the biometric test they took a photo and scanned the index finger of both hands. Stage two over :).

Now I had to report to room 133 for document verification. My documents were all ready. I just arranged them in the given order and again waited for my turn. There were also facilities for students to get their documents photo copied if they didn’t have it. My documents were verified. Stage three over :).

The volunteers there said that my turn would come in half an hour so I could take a break. So I waited there and revised my presentation in my mind. I was hungry so my Dad suggested that we should go to the canteen. We went to then canteen and also had a better look at the campus. Some students like me were also there having snacks. We ordered samosas, veg puff and cold drinks. It was tasty. Now I was feeling much better with something in my stomach.

Again I was back in room 133. I interacted with some volunteers. I got to know a lot of interesting stuff about the college. I asked him so many things but I forgot to ask his name :D. At this point I would like to add that the volunteers were very helping and friendly. They will help and guide you in the best possible way and answer all your queries. Finally my name was announced and that my turn would come soon. I was told to move to the holding area where i was told to sit and wait for my turn for the interview.

There were around 7-8 cabins where the interviews were being conducted. I was both excited as well as a bit stressed. A Sir called my name. I had butterflies in my stomach :). That Sir gave my form to my interviewer and moved out. Finally my interview started …

Firstly I was asked to introduce myself in about 2 mins. Sir listened very attentively and asked a few questions in between. Then he gave a short introduction about himself to make me more comfortable (a very good attempt on his part to make the interview easy for me :)). He asked if this was my best Gate score. He asked about my favorite subjects. Next he asked me to give the presentation. At this point he told me beforehand that he would stop me as soon as he got the inputs since there was limited time, so there should be no feelings of disrespect (another superb gesture on his part!). So i gave my presentation, and after about 3 mins he stopped me. I was a bit nervous as i had only given the introduction of my topic. He told me that my presentation and communicationΒ  skills were good. Next he asked me why i didn’t join TCS. Also to name a few companies i would like to work with in future. In the end he asked me if i had any queries. I asked a few questions and he gave its answers. With this my interview was over. Stage 4 which was the most tricky stage was complete πŸ™‚ !!!

My interview was superb and went fine. I was sooooo happy! We had lunch at the college canteen which was OK. Next we roamed about in the campus which was simply awesome. Here i would like to mention that there is a small pond with some ducks. Oh ! it was so scenic. I just wanted to join this institute now :)!

Finally the good news came on May 14th, 2012 that i had been selected ! I was very very happy ! Out of 751 people who were interviewed, 150 were selected and i was one of them πŸ™‚ I had always dreamt of this day. After visiting IIIT-B i had a strong urge to be its part. At this point i realized that if we strongly want something and dream about it day and night and also put in the required efforts, then the whole universe helps us in fulfilling our dream πŸ™‚ (I know that it is a dialog of a movie but anyway this is the first time i realized that it is true :)).

Campus Tour of IIIT-B

PS 1 – Today i am sitting and blogging from train and will reach IIIT-Bangalore on July 13th, 2012Β  to join the institute. Yippee πŸ˜€
PS 2 – You can read my journey to IIIT-B for interview here – My First Flight Experience
PS 3 – I have closed comments as i have answered almost all the queries related to this topic. Please go through the queries and my replies in the Β comments section and with a 95% probability, you will get an answer of your question as well. Admission is on the basis ofΒ Gate score. There is no way i can predict whether you will get admission on the basis of your score. Just see last year’s cutoff and hope for the best. Best of luck !

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  1. Congratulations Jayati! I am happy for your achievement. Wish you a safe journey and good luck!! πŸ™‚

    I am really very happy.

  2. wow !! congrats jayati, you have made all of us proud.
    and dat last part is very true…( b4 being a dialogue of a movie, it appears in The Alchemist i think πŸ™‚ )

    1. Thanks Ankur πŸ™‚
      I think it is also there in ‘The Secret’ as the Law of Attraction ! And i have also started believing in it πŸ™‚

  3. Jayanti wish u all the best for ur future,,

    Now it is going to more than 6 months..
    How was ur experience about this college please tell me.

    And 1 que. Upto how much rank in gate people got admission in this college?

    1. Thanks, by the way my name is Jayati.
      It has been a great learning experience at IIIT-B.
      People with GATE rank around 7000 got admission. However this time, probably the cut-off will be higher since admission is only through GATE. There is no option of entrance test like previous years.

  4. Hi gate rank is 3829..98.29 percentile..will i get a interview call from iiitb?

    1. Hi Kanika,
      The call is based on Gate score as well as 10th and 12th board score and other achievements.
      Probably there is no interview this time. Direct call to selected students.

  5. Very informative and nice blog…can you please tell the placement situation for the Mtech students and in the details you have mentioned about the presentation(what was it)…also my rank in gate 2013 is 1126 and gate score of 647 what are my chances this year and what is you specialization at IIIT-B.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rishi,
      The call is based on Gate score as well as 10th and 12th board score and other achievements.
      Probably there is no interview this time. Direct call to selected students.
      However you can expect a call as your gate score is good.
      There is almost 100% placement in top companies. The details are available on the website.
      My specialization is Database and Information System.

      1. Thanks for the reply..can you give more details about MTech @IIIT-B like..what companies visited while you are studying and avg placements of the companies in the terms of salary . Do they provide monthly stipend to the Mtech students…I found that they have internship program in last semester. Placement page of IIIT-B has listed only the names of the companies but not the exact stats. thank you your guidance is immensely appreciated.

      2. The list of companies which have offered internship and placement is on the website. The companies provide a decent stipend during internship. In our batch 11 out of 150 students got scholarship.
        However instead of focusing on placement its the learning that is important. One gets to do a lot of interesting projects here which improve the scope of our knowledge. Also the faculty is highly experienced and helping.

  6. Hi.. Jayati.. congratulations and wish u all success in ur life..
    i got 8786 rank with 96.56 percentile in gate ece dere any chances to get an interview call???

    1. Hi Pooja,
      Its difficult to say, since there are no interviews this time. The selected candidates will be directly informed. Also it may be tougher since the admissions are only through GATE. No entrance test this year.

  7. Hi, it is a very nice and precise blog.. I wish you all the best for your future and I believe IIIT-B provides a good breakthrough for your future..

    My rank in gate 2013 CSE is 5585 with the percentile of 97.6. What is the probability of getting into III-B??
    Thanks in advance…

    1. Hi Madhu,
      Thanks a lot !
      Since the admission process has changed, its very difficult to predict this year. Wish you all the best !

  8. Hi Jayati,

    I would like to know what (topic)presentation they expect in interview? And also the past achievements like?

      1. Thanks,
        And what will be the approximate Gate cutoff rank for EC? I would like to know little more about your experience at IIITB.

      2. It is very difficult to predict the cut-offs since the admission process has changed.
        Overall it has been a great learning experience at IIIT-B !

  9. hi jayati.. πŸ™‚
    best of luck for ur future..
    i got a gate rank of 4900 in gate 2013 with 97.8 percentile.should i apply for iiit-b..
    at this rank if not iiit-b ,can i get any other iiit??
    please suggest colleges wich i can get at this rank,really messed up..

    1. Hi Abhinav,
      Well as i previously mentioned, its very difficult to predict anything since the admission procedure has changed at IIIT-B. However i feel you should apply, since admission is based on other parameters as well.
      Regarding other colleges, try to apply where they take their own exam apart from gate. I am sure you can get admission somewhere.
      Wish you all the best !

  10. hey jayati i did read all the previous comments … my ranks pretty decent :air 976 …i just want to ask you how are the acads here ? are professors helpful ? i mite get into some other iiit too (maybe iiit h ) .. i would have to make a choice .. i am asking you as i want first hand info …not the website statistics . ..

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Academics here are good. The faculty is highly experienced and all have a PhD from world class Universities. They are easily accessible. We get to do a lot of interesting projects under them.
      Also one needs to choose the area of specialization after 1st semester, so you have a lot of time to decide. My suggestion is that IIITB will be a great place to masters in IT.

  11. hey Jayati ,
    Thanks a ton . πŸ™‚ Just one more doubt .. I happen to come across this page ..
    it states that until last year placements were 100 % but last year (2012 batch i guess) it was only 50% !!! Is this true … and yes, IIITB website does not say anything about average placements .. what is the average placement here ? i have given gate -2013 after a taking a year off 2012 i had 4 companies (infy etc ) in my hand offering me 3.5 lpa .and dint join any…gimme a rough estimate of the avg placement here and also if it is 100 % ??

    1. Those statistics are of 2009, although they are good but they are not recent. I can say that placement at IIIT-B is good. But finally the placement depends on the caliber of the students. Even i had an offer of TCS however i joined IIIT-B for MTech because i wanted to complete my higher studies. Many people left jobs at good companies and joined here for MTech. All i can say that IIIT-B is the best place for learning.

  12. Hello,
    GATE 2013
    GATE SCORE-520
    BE(ECE)-80.7% Aggregate
    12th -85.17%
    Authored a Research Paper Which was Presented in International Conference.
    Have Won and Participated in Many Extra Curricular Activities..
    Kindly Tell me My chances in IIIT B..Also I am from ECE ,SO Suggest some Topics for Technical Presentation.

    1. Hi Keerthi,
      I suggest that you apply at IIIT-B. But since the admission procedure has changed from this year, nothing can be predicted. Also probably there will be no presentations this year. All the best !

      1. hi jayati mam,
        i have a rank of interest is embedded systems as i m frm ece wil it be choosing embd systems w.r.t faculty placements at iiitb as i heard that iiitb is more of IT based

      2. Hi raja shekar,
        Faculty is great having PhD from renounced universities.
        The placements are good for all the specializations.

      3. hi Jayati ,
        Can you please tell me if there is any scholarship /or stipend system for students because I see now that IIIT-B is very expensive an almost 1 lakh per semester including hostel and mess…None of the other good colleges have such kind of fees structure..???

      4. Hi Rishi,
        There are scholarships available. In our batch around 11 students got the scholarship out of 150. Students are selected on the basis of their resumes and then interviews.
        Last year when i took admission, i found that almost all colleges (except iits and nits) had a similar fee structure.
        All the best !

  13. Hey Jayati u are doing an awesome job out here helping!
    Jst wantd to ask, my GATE 2012 score is 720 and AIR is 514
    Do I have a chance in IIIT-B?

    Also I’m keen in taking up AI as my specialization. So wt is da scene of AI over there viz. faculty-wise n research-wise?


    1. Hi Hammond,
      Thanks πŸ™‚
      With that rank i think you will surely get a call.
      Courses like and AI and others are taught by highly experience faculty. Also many interesting projects on various areas of AI can also be done. Check out IIIT-B website for more project and faculty details.
      All the best.

  14. Hey jayati

    just wanted to know about my chance in iiitb.

    My scores in gate is 548 , rank 1966
    btech(cse) 78%
    10th– 85%
    12th — 80%

    thanks a lot in advance

    1. Hi Mani,
      I hope you have applied. Its difficult to say anything since the admission process has changed. However your GATE rank is good. All the best !

  15. Hi Jayati,
    I must compliment on the grate job that you are doing!!
    I am Joydeep. I have been working in Cognizant Tech Solns for since 2010. I have a gate score of 430 and a rank of 6099. Btech percentage 72%, 12th -84% and 10th -85%. I have an Android app launched in Android market. Do you think my work exp and other achievements will help getting an admission call. what do u think?

    1. Thanks Joydeep,
      This year the admission process has changed. There won’t be any interviews. Directly the selected students will be informed. A large number of people have work experience. So i must say that it matters a lot. However its very difficult to say anything about the call. I hope you have applied. All the best !!

  16. hi Jayati,
    I have 83.4% in tenth and 92.1% in 12th and 77% in btech. However i did not qualify for gate this year:( I have applied for iiit-b.Is there a chance of getting a interview call?

    1. Hi Madhu,
      Admission is not possible without valid GATE score.
      You can try in colleges which have their own exam or try again next year !

  17. Hi jayati
    my gate rank is 3631 and gate score is 480, 10th percent is 75.50, 12th percent is 80.40 ,btech 79.85 in electrical engg. what is the chance for admission in

    1. Hi Shivangi,
      Its difficult to predict as the admission process has changed this year. However gate rank is good. Wish you all the best !

  18. Hi jayati,
    my gate rank is 1176 and gate score is 599, class X percentage is 92.14, class XII percentage is 88.85 ,btech percentage is 88. what is my chance for admission in in IIITB? Can u please give me the placement details of the last batch(it is still not available in the website)???? and also the lowest and highest package???

    1. Hi Sandipan,
      Your gate rank is good. You can expect a call.
      I don’t know the exact placement statistics of the last batch but i can surely say that internship and placement are good here and some of the top world class companies visit.
      All the Best !

  19. Hey Jayati, your earlier reply got my confidence up a level…
    Here I am with another question:

    They said that May 15, 2013 is when they’ll announce the list of selected candidates.
    Can you tell me (in detail) what exactly will be the procedure following the call? The reason being I’m unavailable during that time (14 – 18) and am afraid that if they want me to be physically present over there, I won’t get a leeway between doing my thing and attending to them.


    1. I have the same query….My final semester exams will commence on and from 21st May, 2013. so, if they tell to come on days when my exams will be going on, what will I do??? Will they consider this ???

      1. Hammond and Sandipan,
        I don’t think you need to worry about that. In the offer letter you will be notified about the payment that needs to be made to confirm your seat in the form of a DD. You need to actually come to the institute only when the classes begin.

      2. I had called up the Admission’s Dept about this but they are unwilling to provide any info…they want me to just wait for the call letter which’ll hv all the details

      3. May be they will ask you to submit soft copies of documents. I don’t think they will call people specially for document verification.

  20. One more query : infact 2.. πŸ˜›
    1) I heard IIIT-B is not approved by AICTE. Is that ever going to be a factor????
    2) Is there any option to decide the programme??? or is it decided by the institution???? I want to pursue in core Computer science & engineering, Can i decide that????

  21. Hi Jayati, I have applied for IIIT-B. I wish to know if i can get into IIITB. My AIR 2055, Xth-81%(CBSE), XIIth-87%(CBSE), BTech-64%.
    Secondly, why are they skipping the interview this time?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Your gate rank in good. Lets wait till the results πŸ™‚
      Even i have no idea why there are no interviews this time.
      All the best !

      1. If any students selected in the 15th may list opts not to study in iiitb, then will there be any second allotment for filling the 150 seats?

      2. Till last year there were no second lists. This year there will be five lists if required. Check IIIT-B website for details.

  22. Hi jayati,
    Can u throw some light on the semester fees??? In the website its given that 75,000 per full semester and 37,500 per summer semeter….how many semester will be there??? is a 4 semester programme right??? What exactly is meant by summer semester??? what will be the total tuition fees in the whole course???? My rank is 1126 (cs-general) but worrying about the high fees…. pls answer.

    1. Hi Sarbojit,
      This year mtech semester fees has been increased by Rs.15,000. I guess your total semester fees will be around Rs.1,20,000. Also in the month of june and july we have summer semester where we learn 3 management subjects.
      I know the fees is high ! But as per my last year’s survey, all colleges except IITs and NITs have a similar fees. The faculty at IIIT-B is world class and expert in their fields. Since intergrated mtech has just started so there is a lot more focus on mtech students which is not the case in colleges having both btech and mtech.
      Your rank is good, so you can expect a call. All the best !

  23. Can I get bank loans??? Can you tell me the criteria of selecting students for scholarships??? How far is the institute from yesvantpur railway station??? can u pls tell me the lowest package offered last year??? I am sorry for asking too many questions….But I am really worried about my career…I hope u dont mind. Your rank must be good. why didn’t you join NITs???

    1. Yes you can get bank loans.
      Students are selected for scholarships through interviews.
      Station is around 30kms, connected by bus.
      My rank was not that good, however my first preference was IIIT-B because of the excellent learning environment here. Since it is located in Bangalore, there is a balance between academic and industry-oriented knowledge.

      1. What is really asked in the interview you are referring to? I mean what is the criteria of bagging a scholarship? And I guess you must have secured a scholarship considering your impeccable gpa of 4/4!! πŸ™‚

      2. I think you have thoroughly gone through the IIIT-B website πŸ™‚
        Well i am not getting a scholarship, but from my experience i can tell that these interviews are mostly technical and we were asked questions related to the area of interest which we mentioned.

  24. hey hi…my academic details are as follows:
    Gate : 477
    BTECH: 87
    12th : 97
    10th: 93
    can i expect seat in iiit bangalore? and is there any reservation sort of thing while selection?(like general,OBC).As u know current scenario in iiit bangalore probably u would know the competion level of this year (2013).so plz say my probability level..hope u will reply!!Thanks a lot…

      1. Hi Sindhusha,
        Since the admission process has changed, its difficult to predict anything. Your rank is good. Lets wait till the results. All the best !
        No, there is no reservation here. Admission is purely on the basis of merit.

    1. Hi Ruchi,
      If you are shorlisted, then prepare well for the interviews. It plays a major role in the selection process.
      All the best !

      1. thanks for reply……

        I am confused lil bit…..should i apply for IIIT B For MS or NOT . i there any chance to shortlist.

        jayati…do you know about amrita university Bangalore? hows it for MTECH?

        or any suggestion for MTECH colleges in Bangalore?

      2. You can apply if you are interested in doing MS.
        I don’t have much information about other colleges in Bangalore.

  25. did u remember the GATE cutoff rank of last year to get selected in IIIT bangalore?

    1. I don’t know the exact numbers but i guess that things might change this year since there in no entrance exam this time.

  26. so even there is no interview this time???the selected candidates are directly informed based on their academic details?

  27. Hi Jayati,
    I am selected in IIITB. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ happy… πŸ™‚ Look forward to be your junior….. I will have a lot of questions from now on πŸ˜›
    Please dont get angry πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    1. Hey,

      Please share your gate score and 10th, 12th and BE percentage.


  28. I have got the offer letter , and it is mentioned that I will have to send acceptance letter duly signed and physical demand draft. What is acceptance letter. Is it the offer letter itself or anything separate??? pls let me know.

      1. I think you will get a detailed offer letter with the instructions.
        Either way its fine, just sign it. Address it to The Registrar. Also send a scanned copy of DD along with a confirmation email.

      2. Actually, nothing is mentioned about the acceptance letter in detail in the offer letter. So, I thought that I will have to sign on the offer letter and send it…..

      3. We got the offer letter via mail. I suggest before sending DD pls do talk with the administration for the offer letter and other details. I can tell what we did last year, but things might change.

  29. Hey Jayati,
    I made it. Thanks for all the help from your end. Really appreciate it.
    Will thank you personally once I land over there.


    P.s. I am going to B’lore on 9th to handover the DD and letter

  30. Hi Jayati,
    I got rank of 3370 in gate ECE what r my chances of getting offer in 2nd list?
    Also I am interested in networking and communication!!!
    Do we pick our area of specialization at beginning or end of 1rst semester ?

    1. Hi Shreyas,
      It all depends on how many people choose to come. Its difficult to predict.
      Specialization is selected at the end of first semester.

  31. Hi Jayati,

    can you do me a favour??
    whosoever is getting shortlisted please ask them to give details about their gate score and proir academic performance.


  32. hey im unable to open the link that you specified..if possible will you please mention whats the gate cutoff marks to get shortlisted for 2013..thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hey i have no idea about the cut-offs. Also there are going to be multiple lists till all seats are filled. I checked the link, its working. May be you can try again. The group name is IIIT-B Admission. You can search for it.

  33. hi Jayati, I really want you to predict something!! My AIR: 2055. Will I make it??
    Just make a wild guess plzzzz

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Second list is out, Did you check it??
      My Rank is 2230, Just wanted to check if your name is in the second list then I will have little hope for being selected in further lists.


  34. hi jayati
    i am sanju..i got offer letter from iiit bangalore..for M tech
    i want to know about Min Avg Max package offered by companies..
    what about placement record is it 100% or less..
    it will great help from u if u send reply immediately….please mail me to

    1. Hi Sanju,
      Placement is almost 100%. Some of the top companies like Yahoo, IBM, Cisco etc visit for placement. For our seniors’ batch min – 6, avg – 7-8, max – 15
      The learning curve can be very good if one is interested in knowing new things ! And i think that is what matters the most πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Jayati,

    I love your patience to answer everyone’s question.You are doing a great job πŸ™‚
    Can you let me know the minimum GATE score and ank to get into IIITB for M tech programme.? As I want to pursue M tech from IIITB.
    And is there any Management seats as in Engineering or purely based on GATE score?

    1. Hi Aruna,
      The cut-off scores are never revealed. Even this year admission will depend on the people who select or reject the offer. There are no management seats. Admission is purely on the basis of Gate score and other academic performance.
      All the best !

  36. Hi Jayati ,
    I have accepted the offer to join IIIT-B.
    could you tell me about the procedure to get scholarship at IIIT-B.?
    At the official website they haven’t mention much details about it. Is there a test/Interview?
    if so, what are the topics?

    1. Hi Shrey,
      Great, Welcome to IIIT-B !
      Some students are selected for the interview based on overall academic performance. Then there is an interview for final selection. Mostly its a technical interview.

      1. Hey Jayati,
        Do you have idea when will the students for scholarships be selected?
        My acads are 68.5% in under graduation and I have 30+ months of experience.
        What are my chances according to you? Feel free to give your opinion.
        Could you tell me more about scholarships allotment at your time? like what all thing they were looking up to select a person? How many did they shortlist for interview?

        Also are you still in Ecity? Your Blog says u completed the course πŸ™‚
        I would appreciate a chance to meet you in person to clear my mind if u are still in Ecity?

      2. Well the criteria for selecting students for scholarship interviews is not revealed. But i think people are selected on the basis of overall academic excellence. So it will also depend on the academics of the students who will finally join. During my time around 30-40 students were called for interviews. Out of them 11 are now getting scholarships.

        I am in ECity. Starting 2nd year MTech at IIIT-B.

      3. Thats a bit relief. I would really appreciate if you could take out some time. if so, u can reach me @ 9620698256 or . I live in ecity & work at infy so any time would be convenient for me.

  37. hi jayati mam,
    i got admission in iiitb but nw i m in dilemma as i m ece stdnt..
    Wil it be difficult for ece stdnts to compete with cse ?
    Since i m ece stdnt i m interested in embedded svstems..hw gud is that specialization over there?
    I dnt knw anyting abt dbms,algorithms,java,software engineering..but i m gud in embedded related topics..

    1. Hi Raja Shekar,
      Congrats and Welcome to IIITB.
      Secondly in the blogging world we refer each other by first names so call me Jayati.
      As per the current course structure there are 6 compulsory and 6 elective courses. You can prepare a bit for the courses of the 1st sem. Then i feel an ece student can also have a good hold on the subject. Later on you can choose the electives according to your choice. Embedded System is a good option to choose.

  38. hi, I had 4 backlogs which I have cleared now. Will this be a problem? Cuz I heard that they won’t admit students with more than one arrear.

    1. It was mentioned in our offer letter – “That you have not failed in more than one subject/course in your class X, XII and undergraduate programme” as the first condition to join IIITB. Check your offer letter to confirm !

      1. do they demand individual semester marksheets or just the consolidated one? cuz the consolidated one hides the backlog stuff!!

      2. is it mandatory that one shouldn’t have more thn one bcklog? no means to bypass this check? what if they find this after we send dd and join? will they oust us?

      3. It is mandatory.
        No idea what will they do if they find out.
        They may cancel the admission because it is one of the conditions mentioned in the joining letter.

      4. why would they not mention this in their website nor in their admission brochure? it could have saved the backlog curse stricken iiitb aspirants… disastrous 😦

  39. Hello Jayati,
    I have visited this blog for first time & i’m happy that you are answering every one’s queries from last year πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance for your reply..

    Actually i’m little bit in confusion.
    1.I got admission call from IIITB.
    2.Also got call from IIIT Allahabad.(Exam & Interview)
    3.Got call from BARC for interview.
    4.Expecting Interview call from IIIT Hyderbad.(Exam was good for me).

    Last date to confirm admission in IIITB is .23rd May.
    Actually i’m interested in Research. So i look forward for a R&D Job after Mtech.SO what are the chances there??

    Please reply ASAP

    Admission rounds at IIIT Banglore(for All friends)
    S. No. Announcement Date Acceptance Deadline
    Offer List #1 May 3, 2013 May 14, 2013

    Offer List #2* May 15, 2013 May 23, 2013

    Offer List #3* May 24, 2013 June 3, 2013

    Offer List #4* June 4, 2013 June 13, 2013

    Offer List #5* June 14, 2013 June 25, 2013

    1. Hi Shrikant,
      Congrats for being selected in IIITB.
      Here at IIITB all the world class companies like Cisco, IBM, Yahoo come for internships and placements. Even the service companies visit only for R&D jobs. So now its upto you to decide where you want to study !
      All the best !

      1. Thanks Jayati for reply…
        Do you know whether we can cancel the admission after taking Admission in IIITB & what are the charges they will deduct??

        Because if I will get better opportunity than this i will go for it..

  40. hi jayati
    since 2nd list for mtech admission is out now do u have any idea upto what rank they have called??

  41. I got selected for Mtech in cse this year but very much confused with mixed response im getting from family and friends and from some websites. since you have studied there, tell me about faculity and placement. since i have done my from not a well known college, didnt get placed and then prepare for mtech and so tell me . is that worthy spending and applying here for mtech in iiit banglore asap please

    1. Hi Komal,
      I suggest you to go through my responses to the queries of other people.
      I repeat there is highly specialized faculty who have done PHd from top most colleges. The placements are in world class companies. I recommend IIIT-B as one of the best place to study if you are interested in learning !

  42. Hi jayati,
    can i know what r the specialisations offerd at iiit -b ?
    iam from ece and offered seat in infomation technology.. tel me something about it

    1. Hi Kavya,

      These specializations are available at IIIT-B :

      Computer Science, Database and Information Systems, Software Engineering, Networking and Communication Systems, Embedded Systems Design, Information Technology and Society

      You can choose any one out of these as per your wish. EC students usually choose networking or embedded stream.

  43. hey hii Jayati
    I am expecting a call from iiitb in 4th list.
    I have no idea about how the college is.
    I have just checked iiitb website.
    Would you tell me about teaching and placements of iiitb
    I want to know whether spending 4-5lac for 2 year in iiitb is worth or not.
    Need your guidenece

    1. Hi Nish,

      I recommend IIIT-B if you wish to learn a lot in 2 years. The teaching is great here and world class companies visit for placements. Please go through my previous replies to know more.
      In my opinion spending that amount(fees) is absolutely worth it if you wanna learn, do amazing projects and be guided by the specialized faculty.

  44. hi,
    I have got offer from IIIT-B, and call from IIIT-A also,
    I am confused which one should I go for.
    My primary concern is the environment of the college to learn as much as possible and get a good package in the end. should I prefer IIIT-B over IIIT-A, If so can you give me the reason?
    I would also like to know a little about the culture of the college too.

    1. Hi Sumit,

      Congrats !

      I don’t know much about IIIT-A. But i study in IIIT-B so i can tell about it.

      If you want an amazing learning experience then i will say that IIIT-B is the place !
      Check out the faculties at IIIT-B (, they are all PHds from some of the best universities across the world. They are always there to guide us. Also you will get to do a lot of projects under their guidance. We learn the most from these projects. Placements are also very good. So now the choice is upto you.

  45. Hi Jayati,

    I have received offer letter from IIITB and i’m expecting to get seats in nits like calicut, allahabad in that order. I’m unable to decide any decision. My first preference would be learning and ultimately ending up with a research oriented job. According to you which are preferable iiitb or nits in mentioned above ….?

    1. Hi Aaira,
      Congrats !
      I don’t have much idea about nits. But i can surely say about IIITB since i study here.
      The learning experience in very good. Placements are also great and mostly in research oriented jobs. So i will recommend IIITB. In nits the MTech students compete with the BTech students for placements, which is currently not the case here. So the choice is upto you now !

  46. Hi mam I got call from IIITB and I want to join IIITB. what I write in acceptance call later.
    Please reply early as possible as.

    1. Hi Uday,
      Congrats !
      In the acceptance letter just mention that you are interested to join IIIT-B. Attach a softcopy of DD. Sign in the end.

  47. Ah!! brilliant blog and awesome responses from your side made this blog “THE BEST BLOG I HAVE EVER READ”.
    I am a 2012 passed out. Got offer in 2012 and 2013. Last year due to lack of knowledge is didn’t took admission but this year I am looking forward in taking admission. I have my Joining on 17june at Capgemini. But after reading your blog I think after two years at IIITB I can made around 7Lpa . Some of my friends are there but they refused to talk I don’t know what the issue is and that made a doubt in my mind but after reading your blog you cleared almost all doubts of mine as well every person who are linked with this blog. I have few doubts in my head.

    Q1. IIIT B officials are arranging Gate scholarships. Is there a chance that this year students will get this scholarships?

    Q2. IIITB’s faculty is awesome and helpful there is no doubt in this. so the last doubt is can you predict the avg package and maximum package for Mtech students who passed out this year?

    I am looking forward for your reply. Hope to meet you at IIIT B. Thanks for this informative blog.

    1. Hi Joydeep,

      Thanks a lot πŸ™‚
      Congrats and welcome to IIITB !
      Here is my reply to your queries.

      1) Students may get a scholarship. But i suggest that everybody must plan the expenses without considering the scholarship, then their plans will not be affected whether they get a scholarship or not.

      2) Avg package of our seniors was around 7-8 and max package was around 15.

      1. I guess you mistook my words. I wanted to know about mtech stipend provided for mtech students for assisting faculties.

      2. In the second year students can submit their names to be a TA of a particular subject. If selected, then students get a stipend of around 3000 Rs per month.

  48. Hi Jayati,
    I just want to ask that what kind of food they provide in breakfast,lunch and dinner??

    1. Hi Nish,
      In breakfast, lunch and dinner a combination of both north and south Indian food is provided. Also the food is pure-veg.

  49. Hi Jayati,
    Finally got offer letter!!!!! from IIITB in 4th list after month long anxious wait.My gate rank is 3370 and I am from EC background.
    Could u please mail me ur email id or phone no to my email id Hope i can meet u their in IIITB when i come to pay fees.

    1. its strange , My Rank is 2230 and I did not get offer..Btech %73 and 10th 12th , 75%..
      I dont know what is the criteria if not The GATE rank..
      whatever it is But the admission procedure does not seems to be transparent.

  50. hi Jayati!
    it was fun reading your experience @ IIITB… πŸ™‚ I secured 538 gate score(rank 2138) and have got the offer letter from IIITB. πŸ™‚ I have made up my mind to join it if I fail to get admission in IIITD… Btws, I have a friend studying at IIITB and he said that in CS and in Database and Information Systems are the best to go for in IIITB for CS/IT ppl…So pls tell me which one out of the two is better to opt for? I have the same interest for both the branches….

    1. Hi Shrimant,
      Both the specializations are good. One needs to choose the specialization after 1st semester. So you can study here and get the feel of various subjects and faculties. Then according to your choice you can make the final decision.

      1. oh is it like that!! competition upon competition!! :)…now that’s a real challenge….:) However,what is the role of the orientation day when i’ll be required to choose my branch of specialization by filling up some form?? will those choice not have any role to play??…. The orientation day will be on 12th july n classes will commence from 15th july…

      2. Is it mentioned in your offer letter that you have to choose the specialization on 12th July ?

        Till last year we chose our specialization only at the end of semester 1. All are free to choose any specialization they want. So no competition for that ! On the orientation day, Director Sir and some faculties gave an introduction and then you can see the campus along with your parents and finally settle in the allotted hostel rooms.

      3. no..they didn’t give any description about the orientation day… I had asked them about the same on the phone… Anyhow,when i’ll be coming there, i’ll get to know what procedure is to be followed this year.. Thank u!

      4. yup…Thank u for your kind assistance,Jayati… πŸ™‚ Your comments were quite helpful!

  51. hi jayati mam….
    m happy to c ua responses …actually i belong to civil branch and i received a cal letter from iiit-h aftr my written test..what sort of questions can i expect from them??

  52. hai, i have applied for ms at iiitb and i got the interview call letter..everyone is saying about mtech only..can please brief me about the interview procedures there for ms ? please..
    with regards

    1. Hi Reshma,
      I don’t have much idea of MS interview. However prepare maths and your area of interests well. All the best!

  53. Well,I applied for ms program in iiit B .
    I received a call letter for an interview.What actually the interview is about and how should i prepare for the interview.

    1. Hi Deepak,
      I don’t have much idea of MS interview. However prepare maths and your area of interests well. All the best!

  54. Hello Jayati,
    I am from Nepal and did my BE from there.Currently, iam working in a IT company in Bangalore.
    I want to study M.Tech in IIITB.I have 61% in B.E. which is second class in our university.I have 1350 in GRE.
    Could you please let me know if i am eligible to apply for M.Tech( since ,in India above 60% is considered as First-Class)?
    Thanks in advance .

    1. Hi Prithvi,
      I think you should contact the administration and clarify your doubt regarding the class. A valid GATE score is also required. The admissions for MTech 2013 are over.

  55. Hello Jayati ,

    Thanks a lot for doing wonderful job .
    Can you please tell me about the hostel facility there as i read on some blog that hostel facility is pathetic also
    if you can throw some light on integrated mtech course.

    1. Hi Bimal,
      Hostel facilities a very good. Rooms are spacious with all the basic necessities. This link will tell you more.

      IMech program is great. The combination of courses is very good. It is perfect if one is specifically interested in IT.

  56. hi jayati,
    wil iiitb keep all the original certificates with them or they wil return them after just verification

  57. hi jayati..
    do u hav any idea about selected candidates fr MS by research program ? they haven’t published anything on website.. are admissions fr ms done already ?

  58. Mam, can you elaborate the universities outside india coming to IIITB for recruiting PHD Students

  59. Hi Jayati Could you please clear my confusion and few queries:
    I Am from Telcommunication Engg BE graduate working in IT company with 3 years of experience, interested in pusring in Mtech,

    As i am from ECE background under what titles Mtech courses are availble and ECE related like MTECH in VLSi is availble?(request you to check and reply as in website nothing is mentoned:(),

    any problem for getting admission for MTech in IIITB with Telecommunictaion BE degree??(execpt only one book change we and ECE people study same in graduation)
    I have First class degree with 64.43%( in some semesters i got second class will that be problem ??but i have never failed in engineering semesters , all first attempts) , 72% in 12th and 94.56% in 10th

    Please reply in this regard so that i plan accordingly as they take valid gate score can focus on that but after getting valid gate score if am not getting admission it dissapoints me as i have average performance in gradaution which which is still satisfies current criteria will that be sufficient can i aim for IIIT banglore please respond …

  60. hi Jayati,
    I am intrested to join IIITB. I am presently doing my final year b.e in a college affiliated to VTU. I would like to know what is the cutoff on gate score to join this great institute. My academic performance is not too good(65%). Will I be evaluated on this basis? Is there any cutoff for B.E score also? please help me by responding to my queries.

  61. hello….its truly awesome xperiance u have shared…..i gave gate 2013 in ec with air 934…..but due to ill health i didnt take admission anywhere this year…….if i make it to iiitb next year will i face any problem in campus placements due to this gap???

    1. Hi Sumit,
      Gate score is valid for 2 years, so you can apply next year with the same score. You can also give gate and try for an even better AIR. I don’t think the gap will be a problem.Regarding placement you can justify saying u were preparing for gate. You can also do a project in your area of interest if time permits. All the best !!!

  62. Thanks for reply.
    Ok. Since placements are going on pls provide the following info:-
    What are the companies who have visited and salary details
    Have you got your internship or not ? (If yes in which company)
    Do companies take different interviews for internship and placements?

  63. In the preparatory sem apart from programming and maths is there any other subjects that will be taught?

    Waiting for your reply. πŸ™‚

  64. You told placements for internship are over. What is the average remuneration companies are paying to interns?
    And in which company are you selected for internship?

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