New Life —> New Beginning

An end and a fresh start.
Bulls eye struck by my dart.
Hope everything goes on well
In these thoughts i constantly dwell.

A new beginning leads to change.
It seems a bit frightening and strange.
Hope to get adapted pretty soon.
Wish everything turns out to be a boon.

A new city, a different culture
All will lead to a bright future.
New connections, new friends.
People on whom i can depend.

I want to learn, i want to grow
In comp science i wanna be a pro
Dream of reaching the unreached height
Ready to do my best with all my might

I promise to always focus on my aim.
Wanna earn fame, money and name.
I promise to be strong & to never give up
Always to view life like a half filled cup

Things have always been good for me
Hope that it always continues to be
Whatever i deserve i want to get
As well as things i haven’t dream’t yet !

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16 comments on “New Life —> New Beginning

  1. ANKUR says:

    very nice indeed, ur poems always are..
    quite motivating one…

  2. Sanju says:

    start-dart; well-dwell;change-strange; soon-boon… Hm.. Its really hard to find these kind of combinations so that you can place them to form a meaningful poem.. And tell everything you want the world to listen..!
    very good…

  3. Great job, these words are like a mirror of the soul!

  4. Balu says:

    Lovely jayati. Wishes to go Pro!!

  5. vivek3 says:

    Wow! great. 🙂
    Good combination of all those words and really inspiring.

  6. It is a very pleasant poem…full of hope…I loved it…Very good write.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. sash says:

    One! Good one. 🙂

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