The Child in Me

Sometimes some circumstances wake up the child within us. Some childhood memory, some past event, something exciting i.e. anything can trigger this feeling. It’s wonderful to be a child once again even if it is possible for some limited time. Once again we can go back to our dream world, where everything is possible. Where there is fun and frolic, no tension or stress and life is bliss!

The child in me wakes up when:

  • I get a window seat in a bus/train.
  • I get a chocolate/ ice-cream.
  • I see a big water body like a river/pool/sea.
  • It rains.
  • I see a huge teddy bear.
  • I see kids playing hide n seek.
  • I see a tree/plant in full bloom.
  • I find someone playing video games.
  • I see a wind mill.
  • I see a person selling balloons/wind spinners/toys.
  • I find a hidden nest of a bird somewhere and it has little birdies in it.
  • I see cartoons.
  • I see a strange bug/insect.
  • I suddenly see an elephant or a camel on the road.
  • I ride a giant wheel.
  • I see a glass of milk (I don’t want to drink it ;)).
  • I open ms paint. (It was my favorite software when i was 6 :D)
  • I see a plane flying in the sky.
  • I see a cloud resembling the shape of an animal/thing.
  • I see the moon/stars/shooting stars.
  • I see circus posters.
  • I see cute puppies.
  • I visit a beach and feel like collecting shells or making sand castles.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the child in you also woke up by recalling some similar event :). Now a question …

When does the child in you wakes up? Please share …

10 thoughts on “The Child in Me

  1. Nice, by seeing the list, I understand that the child in you wakes up frequently 😀
    And, do you get over joyed when you see an elephant? Great, I would run away like a kid when I see elephants, dogs 😀

    hmm, the child in me wakes up when I dream 🙂 yes, I dream like a kid 🙂

    Nice Post!

  2. Ah! very good post and enjoyed – most items on your list wakes up the child in me. I am not lying. True. Indeed, this deserves a re-blog. Will do. 🙂

    1. Thanks, its the readers like you who makes me realize the actual value of my own posts. 🙂
      I am happy that the child in you woke up after reading this post 🙂

  3. nyc one jayati !!
    the child in me wakes up whn i see comic books, kids playing cricket… n specially whn i see goups of children studying in bethany, n doin almost the same things we used to do..

    1. Thanks Ankur for sharing the moments when the child in you wakes up 🙂 The child in all of us is always so eager to wake up 🙂 I loved the comic books part, you are lucky that you can visit Bethany once in a while.

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