College vs Branch

Again it’s that time of the year when all are busy preparing for IIT-JEE and AIEEE. After around two years of hard work the D-day comes. After the exam the question that lingers on the minds of all (students and their parents :)) is What should be given preference College or Branch ?

There are a few brilliant ones who get their favorite branch in the college of their choice. But all are not so lucky. Others have to decide what to choose ?? College or Branch ?? And it is a big question and its result will have a huge effect on the future !

In my opinion if you are clear about the branch you want to choose then please give preference to the branch. Otherwise if you are not sure of the branch then try to get admission in the best college you can get.

College plays a major role in shaping our lives. The faculty, the atmosphere, the facilities and our friends, all are important. We get placed for the first time through campus placements. So college is important. But branch will decide the type of work you will do. For example if you want to do computer engineering and you get chemical engineering in a good college what will you do ? I suggest that if you really love computer engineering then choose branch over college. Because such a chemical engineer may regret his decision all his life and there is no way out.

On the other hand if you choose your branch in a not so good college atleast you will be able to do something you really love. You will enjoy your studies. Also if you work hard and do well you will be successful.

This was one of the biggest questions i have faced in my life. I wanted guidance and i got it which helped me making the correct decision. Hope that all are able to do so. I have seen many people who suffer all their lives doing things they do not love doing. You make the right decision. All the best !