My First Blog Award !

I am so happy πŸ™‚ I have received my first blog award i.e. “Awesome Blog Content Award” from BALU. A big thank you to you BALU for giving me this award. It’s true that such award can brighten up your day. I feel so elated and happy :). A blogger can be happiest when he/she is appreciated by fellow bloggers who enjoy reading the blog.

A blogger can acknowledge and accept this award by describing something about oneself for each alphabet.

So here is my list. Hope you can endure it till the end πŸ™‚

A –Alchemist is my favorite book !

B – I love Books and proudly love to be called a Bookworm :). Slowly my Blog is becoming my life. I like color Blue.

C – I like Cakes and Chocolates. I never say no to it !

D – I love dreaming. Specially about future.

E – Eager to learn something new always

F – Firm on what i want. I cannot be easily moved πŸ˜‰

G – Gentle and generous when the need be

H – I never ever lose Hope whatever may be the circumstances !

I – Sometimes i feel i am an introvert.

J – My name ‘Jayati‘ means ‘Winner’ and i love my name πŸ™‚

K – I believe Knowledge is strength.

L – I am a good listener.

M – I like mangoes soooooo much πŸ˜€

N – Night is the time when i get brilliant ideas for my posts and poems.

O – Sometimes i overexert myself when i do tasks i like (like reading or programming)

P – Passion can do wonders

Q – I live my life Queen size πŸ™‚

R – I like poems that rhyme

S – I want to learn swimming soon.

T – I will travel around the world (but not in 60 days πŸ™‚ ) I don’t drink Tea even though my blog is titled “My Cup of Tea” πŸ™‚

U – The universe instills a feeling of awe in me.

V – Victory is achieved when the Vision is clear !

W – I want to stay in the wild for some time like they show on NGC or Discovery.

X – My birthday is on X-Mas !

Y – I learnt playing with a YO-YO in my childhood.

ZΒ  – A simple question. Answer it without googling it ! Zebra is a black animal with white strips or white animal with black strips ??? πŸ™‚

Now i would nominate the ABC Award to other bloggers who have Awesome Blog Content. They are …

1. The Middlest Sister

She is one of the most creative bloggers i have ever seen. Check out her blog to see if you have ever seen something like this before !

2. The Better Man Project

He is one of the most optimistic bloggers. Everyday he posts something that is motivating and gives hope.

3. In case i’m gone

She writes her blog for her son. But it is applicable for all. Amazing style. It presents the views of a Mom on all shades of life and her advice to her Son.