The Child in Me

Sometimes some circumstances wake up the child within us. Some childhood memory, some past event, something exciting i.e. anything can trigger this feeling. It’s wonderful to be a child once again even if it is possible for some limited time. Once again we can go back to our dream world, where everything is possible. Where there is fun and frolic, no tension or stress and life is bliss!

The child in me wakes up when:

  • I get a window seat in a bus/train.
  • I get a chocolate/ ice-cream.
  • I see a big water body like a river/pool/sea.
  • It rains.
  • I see a huge teddy bear.
  • I see kids playing hide n seek.
  • I see a tree/plant in full bloom.
  • I find someone playing video games.
  • I see a wind mill.
  • I see a person selling balloons/wind spinners/toys.
  • I find a hidden nest of a bird somewhere and it has little birdies in it.
  • I see cartoons.
  • I see a strange bug/insect.
  • I suddenly see an elephant or a camel on the road.
  • I ride a giant wheel.
  • I see a glass of milk (I don’t want to drink it ;)).
  • I open ms paint. (It was my favorite software when i was 6 :D)
  • I see a plane flying in the sky.
  • I see a cloud resembling the shape of an animal/thing.
  • I see the moon/stars/shooting stars.
  • I see circus posters.
  • I see cute puppies.
  • I visit a beach and feel like collecting shells or making sand castles.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the child in you also woke up by recalling some similar event :). Now a question …

When does the child in you wakes up? Please share …

NO, I am Sorry

Do you know one of the most difficult things to say ?? One is “No” and the other is “I am Sorry”. Really it is very difficult to say one of these. One needs a big heart to say it to someone.

Do you who why it is so difficult to say “No” and “I am Sorry” ? Because it hurts our big fat EGO. And anything in this world which hurts our ego is really very difficult to do. That’s why i say that one needs be courageous to say it to someone else. In the beginning it hurts a lot to say it. It may also hurt someone you are saying. But say it from your heart and it will be more meaningful. And finally the results will be good.

We feel that by saying “No” we are accepting that we cannot do something. But believe me sometimes it is the best thing to do. Instead of doing something halfheartedly why not say “No” ? It is much better not to do something than to do it unwillingly. Of course later on when the circumstances are better it can be done. What i mean to say is that saying “No” means “Not now”, it does not mean “Never” !

By saying sorry we accept that we did something wrong and we won’t repeat it again in future. Accepting one’s mistake is a big thing to do. But it is also the first step to correct ourselves. All cannot do it easily. But sometimes like i said earlier, it is the best thing that can be done both for ourselves as well as for others.

Do you want to know the easiest way of saying “No” and “I am Sorry”? It’s very simple and easy. With a little bit of effort anyone can master it. Just try to imagine the other person is in front of you and then just say it. Imagine the reaction of that person. Think how will you reply in that case. Repeat this until you feel confident enough to say it to the person in reality. And in most cases the situation will be similar to the case you imagined!

The biggest benefit of saying “No” and “I am Sorry” is the feeling of relief. As if a big mountain has been removed from our heads. It feels good. A feeling of great joy and satisfaction engulfs us and makes us feel relieved.

So ? Have you been thinking to say it to someone since a long time ? Go ahead ! Do it today. Trust me, it won’t be all that difficult as you feel. You can do it !

Colored Perspective

The whole world around us is as it is. Everyday its is evolving, adapting and changing itself as per our behavior. Thus it always tries to maintain itself in an equilibrium state.

Even then each one of us sees the world from a different perspective. It is same yet it is not the same ! Everybody has something different to say about the world.

Here i recalled the story of the elephant and blind men related to this point. Some blind men were taken near an elephant and told to feel the object in front of them and identify it. One blind man touched the legs and said it was a log of wood. Another held the trunk and said it was a big hose pipe. Another held the tail and said it was like a rope. One man touched its stomach and said it is a wall. One touched its ears and replied that it was a fan.

Its ok if they said different things about the elephant, because they were blind. They could not see the elephant. But whats wrong with us ?? Most of us are all right. Then why do we fail to see the big picture ? Why can’t we see the world as it is ? Why are we so biased sometimes ? It’s strange that if something bad is happening in people’s life then they will blame the  world around them. But if something good is coming up then they readily take all the credit !

It is like we people are wearing shaded specs. We see the world shaded by the color of the glasses. And we believe firmly that whatever we see is real and obvious. So there is almost no scope of change in our viewpoints. Sometimes we are ever ready to fight that what we see is correct without even listening to others views ! Thus different people view the same world from different perspectives.

Examples in point – Some believe that the world will end in the end of year 2012. While others (like me) are sure that nothing so catastrophic will happen so soon. Some see the world polluted and depleted of its resources. While others contribute their share in doing whatever they can instead of just complaining. Some see the world filled with war and crime. While others promote peace and good will.

The world is great. It is as it is. It is not going to change drastically just by our thoughts. So why color our views about the world. Why not accept it as it is. And i don’t think it is all that difficult. We just need to remove our colored glasses. It’s as simple as that.

College vs Branch

Again it’s that time of the year when all are busy preparing for IIT-JEE and AIEEE. After around two years of hard work the D-day comes. After the exam the question that lingers on the minds of all (students and their parents :)) is What should be given preference College or Branch ?

There are a few brilliant ones who get their favorite branch in the college of their choice. But all are not so lucky. Others have to decide what to choose ?? College or Branch ?? And it is a big question and its result will have a huge effect on the future !

In my opinion if you are clear about the branch you want to choose then please give preference to the branch. Otherwise if you are not sure of the branch then try to get admission in the best college you can get.

College plays a major role in shaping our lives. The faculty, the atmosphere, the facilities and our friends, all are important. We get placed for the first time through campus placements. So college is important. But branch will decide the type of work you will do. For example if you want to do computer engineering and you get chemical engineering in a good college what will you do ? I suggest that if you really love computer engineering then choose branch over college. Because such a chemical engineer may regret his decision all his life and there is no way out.

On the other hand if you choose your branch in a not so good college atleast you will be able to do something you really love. You will enjoy your studies. Also if you work hard and do well you will be successful.

This was one of the biggest questions i have faced in my life. I wanted guidance and i got it which helped me making the correct decision. Hope that all are able to do so. I have seen many people who suffer all their lives doing things they do not love doing. You make the right decision. All the best !

My First Blog Award !

I am so happy 🙂 I have received my first blog award i.e. “Awesome Blog Content Award” from BALU. A big thank you to you BALU for giving me this award. It’s true that such award can brighten up your day. I feel so elated and happy :). A blogger can be happiest when he/she is appreciated by fellow bloggers who enjoy reading the blog.

A blogger can acknowledge and accept this award by describing something about oneself for each alphabet.

So here is my list. Hope you can endure it till the end 🙂

A –Alchemist is my favorite book !

B – I love Books and proudly love to be called a Bookworm :). Slowly my Blog is becoming my life. I like color Blue.

C – I like Cakes and Chocolates. I never say no to it !

D – I love dreaming. Specially about future.

E – Eager to learn something new always

F – Firm on what i want. I cannot be easily moved 😉

G – Gentle and generous when the need be

H – I never ever lose Hope whatever may be the circumstances !

I – Sometimes i feel i am an introvert.

J – My name ‘Jayati‘ means ‘Winner’ and i love my name 🙂

K – I believe Knowledge is strength.

L – I am a good listener.

M – I like mangoes soooooo much 😀

N – Night is the time when i get brilliant ideas for my posts and poems.

O – Sometimes i overexert myself when i do tasks i like (like reading or programming)

P – Passion can do wonders

Q – I live my life Queen size 🙂

R – I like poems that rhyme

S – I want to learn swimming soon.

T – I will travel around the world (but not in 60 days 🙂 ) I don’t drink Tea even though my blog is titled “My Cup of Tea” 🙂

U – The universe instills a feeling of awe in me.

V – Victory is achieved when the Vision is clear !

W – I want to stay in the wild for some time like they show on NGC or Discovery.

X – My birthday is on X-Mas !

Y – I learnt playing with a YO-YO in my childhood.

Z  – A simple question. Answer it without googling it ! Zebra is a black animal with white strips or white animal with black strips ??? 🙂

Now i would nominate the ABC Award to other bloggers who have Awesome Blog Content. They are …

1. The Middlest Sister

She is one of the most creative bloggers i have ever seen. Check out her blog to see if you have ever seen something like this before !

2. The Better Man Project

He is one of the most optimistic bloggers. Everyday he posts something that is motivating and gives hope.

3. In case i’m gone

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