Book Review – The Immortals of Meluha

It’s a page turner. If you have even have a little bit idea about the Indian mythology then you will surely enjoy it. Otherwise also it is good. Although i don’t judge a book from its cover, but its cover is impressive as the content itself. It very well depicts Lord Shiva with the strong well-built body, Trishul his weapon, his matted tresses, the string of Rudraksh beads on his hand and finally the backdrop of the mountain Kailash across the Mansarovar.

It is the story of Lord Shiva. His power, his strength, this courage, his sheer brilliance, everything is clearly portrayed by the author. The best thing that i found about this book is that i could actually visualize the complete narration (mostly i can do it :)). Another good characteristic about this book is that is has every emotion from thrill, love, adventure to suspense in the correct amount.

This book shows how a common man “Shiva” inspires and motivates the people and thus becomes their “Mahadev”. People have more trust in him than he has in himself. But he is able to live up to their expectations. The Indus valley civilization has been portrayed in an excellent way in the book. We can easily imagine the perfect society which existed thousands of years before the present day.

But the story does not end here with this book although a major phase is completed. It is continued in the second book by the same author titled “The secret of the Nagas“. Now i am eagerly waiting for some free time to read this book as well ! 🙂 I will add its review when i read it. I hope it will be as good as or better than this one 🙂

10 thoughts on “Book Review – The Immortals of Meluha

  1. I am always a fan of Lord Shiva. always search for history of Lord Shiva on internet, read few PDF files, it great.
    To appreciate the author “Amish” for his knowledge and interest in ancient India (Bharath),

    Thank you for sharing this post!!!

  2. what i liked the best was his conformity with the historical and geographical facts !!! #w8ing 4 the oath f vayuputras

  3. I am not a book-worm or book-bug or any of that sort! I listen to stories, a hundred, but can’t make it to read! At least, not in English most of the times.

    As you liked this, read a book in Sanskrit – ‘Kumarasambhava’ by Kalidasa. You will fall in Love with Shiva like Parvathi did. haha… 🙂 I mean it.

    1. OMG Sanskrit was one of the most difficult subjects in school. So much of memorizing. I don’t want to read a book in Sanskrit again 🙂 I like reading books in English !

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