Dream ‘BIG’


This is our life. We can live it the way we want. No restrictions, no compulsions. So why settle for anything less than the best. We can achieve whatever we want if we work smartly and with a lot of perseverance. As it is rightly said nothing is impossible. Impossible itself contains the word possible.

The first and foremost step towards any achievement is … ‘a dream’. All successful people have achieved success twice, once in their dreams and once in reality. It is said that it is our dreams which manifest into reality.

All of us are free to dream. God has given us beautiful brains using which we can imagine the unseen and the unpredicted. The power is all in our hands. And there is nothing to lose. So why to stop? Why to compromise? Nobody can scold or punish you for your dreams. Its your dreams, your choice. So why to put a barrier on them.

So what i want to say is that dream ‘BIG’. Don’t curb the limit of your dreams. Dream the best you can imagine. Don’t judge whether it would be feasible or not, or how actually it will be achieved. Just dream what you can.

Here by dream i don’t mean day-dreaming. What i mean is actual serious stuff. Decide what you want in life. Think of the best possible way to achieve it and then start dreaming. Try to visualize as if your dreams have been fulfilled. Don’t sleep to start dreaming 🙂 Stay awake and then dream 🙂

Dreams are our true strength. Dreams have a lot of hidden potential. Just as a huge tree can grow out of a small seed (if it gets water and sunlight) similarly dreams have the potential to turn into reality (if it is clubbed with hard work and determination). Don’t waste this power. All of us are capable of dreaming and achieving things. It’s only that a few of us actually use it while the rest of people are satisfied with the life as it turns out.

One of the most important thing about dreams is that you should believe in your dreams. You must have full faith in them. A little bit of negative attitude or distrust is enough to bring your dreams crashing down. And i think this is too bad. How can we break something which we were building ourselves. Sometimes our mind may play games with us and force us to believe that what we dream is not possible. It is time to just switch off your mind for some time and listen to your heart. Henry Ford said if you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

Once you are sure of your dreams start working. Do your best. Give you 100%. It’s beautiful to see our dreams unfolding into reality. It gives the ultimate pleasure. One can’t be more satisfied than this.

As Les Brown said, ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.’ Even stars will be cool i must say ;-). Don’t feel disheartened about not getting exactly what you dreamt of. Be happy with what you get but try harder the next time.

Try it out. Dream ‘BIG’. Enjoy. Have fun 🙂

PS – Image credits – myFBCovers.com