Are you free ?

Free time can be fun. So many things can be done like …

  • Surfing
    This is the most common thing we do when we have an internet connection. Just surf the net and hours fly by. From music, games, information to social networking everything is at the fingertips (sometimes simultaneously going on in different tabs 🙂 ).
  • Reading
    Reading books is one of the best things that can be done in free time. Reading broadens one’s outlook, increases vocabulary, teaches new things and thus it is one of the most fruitful things that can be done.
  • Thinking
    Yes funny but true. 🙂 In free time you can think. Think about the past or dream of the future. It is one of my favorite things done in free time.
  • Doing Nothing
    Even this is one of the things which can be done in the free time. Just relax and do nothing at all.
  • Sleeping
    Some people love sleeping. I have seen people who can sleep 12-15 hours continuously. So give them some free time they doze off 🙂 !
  • Listening to music
    If you are free then plug in your earphones and enjoy. Listen to calm or rock, jazz or pop, classical or western music. The choice is all yours !
  • Playing a game or going for a walk
    Play a game like badminton, tennis, chess, carrom or anything else that you enjoy. If you have no partner then just go for a walk. Take a  stroll and feel the freshness.
  • Talking
    Talk to someone close or else try talking to stranger :D. Spend some quality time with your loved ones.

These and many more things can be done in free time ! So what do you do when you are free ???


8 thoughts on “Are you free ?

  1. I surf or think and will sleep when I’m tired of doing nothing 😀
    Nice post!! Hope you had a lot of free time yesterday and started blogging about it 🙂

    1. Great !
      I did not add blogging in the list of free time activities as sometimes i am urged to update my blog even during my exam (like yesterday) 🙂

  2. Free time – it rarely occurs to me whether I am free. It is a continuous flow of thoughts and engagements all the time.

    But I do all the stuff mentioned above even while I am in the middle of my work. All that I need is a trigger from inside and interest on what I am doing. I care to search for free time in my dictionary – but not sure when I found it last time 🙂 hahahah…

    But I do have lots of other things to do – but can’t officially call it free-time. 🙂

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