Plan B

Life is a challenge and every moment has something new and surprising to offer. A person is able to successfully sail through this journey if and only if it has been planned beforehand. It’s true that our life’s journey cannot go on exactly as we plan. Sometimes it may be a little different and sometimes completely different from what we had planned ! But this does not mean that we should stop planning. A good plan helps us in facing tricky situations and handling them tactfully. And sometimes we may need to react spontaneously if the situation is not as per our plans. And that’s what we call LIFE ! Life shows its colors and gives us varied experiences from which we gain wisdom.

So my point is regarding the plan B of life. Plan B is the second (sometimes third :)) option which we keep in hand for ourselves for some difficult or tricky situations. Thus due to some reason if plan A fails then plan B is there. Now there are two theories regarding the plan B, one in favor of it and one against it. Let me elaborate both of these in detail.

There are some who are in favor of keeping plan B. They say that one should keep in mind both the positive and negative aspects about anything. So just in case in your plan A fails you will atleast have plan B about which you had already planned earlier. It is also less depressing in case your plan A fails. Life is not always rosy. It has its ups and downs. A person is well prepared only if he has foreseen both the sides of the coin i.e. he is prepared for both flowers and thorns. It is not negative attitude but reality. Thus it cannot be denied.

On the other hand some people are strongly against having a plan B. They say that by keeping a plan B you are giving yourself an option. So you are not going to give your 100% percent in achieving your plan A. In some corner of your mind there is someone who says “No issues if you fail, you always have a plan B”. And thus the probability of plan A’s success decreases. Also they say be positive ! Look at the bright side of things. But in this case just by chance if plan A fails (if it has to it will) then the person can get depressed. This is because he had thought only of success and is thus not prepared to face the new and unplanned circumstances. Hence now he needs to take the decision in a hurry without planning which can be disastrous.

I have thought a lot about both these viewpoints. And i feel both are correct till a certain level. Sometimes i have a plan B and sometime i don’t. It all depends on the situation. But i would suggest that whatever you do, do your best. Because it’s the worst feeling when you feel that you did not try hard enough. Give your best and then choose from the best option you have. But never ever settle for less than you deserve. As Maureen Dowd has said, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

What do you think. Is plan B important ? Should we have a plan B or not ? Please do share your views and opinions regarding this …


14 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Never have a Plan B.
    In fact, it is best not to have a Plan A either.
    Just live day to day and flow wherever the river of life takes you.
    In may cases, what you plan never happens – and what you did not plan, happens.
    All the Best

    1. Thanks a lot Sir for sharing your view.
      It offers a new perspective to the post.
      I usually plan beforehand, so going with the flow of life may be something new and challenging to try.
      Its true that sometimes things happen which we didn’t even imagine.

      Thanks for your wishes,


      1. Jayati:
        Of course you must plan, and work according to plan, but then always expect the unexpected and be ready for unforeseen contingencies.
        All the Best

  2. Both have their pros and cons.As you said, certain situation may require planning, and having Plan B, which will minimize disappointments.

    Otherwise , I try to take things as they come, I am not perfect anyway.

    1. Thanks for sharing your view.
      Its not about being perfect but about the way of leading life. So is cannot be judged.
      So as you said sometimes taking things as they come can be the best strategy !

    1. Thanks for giving the concise statement for the post !
      Its absolutely true …
      Results (both good or bad) give us a sense of satisfaction and achievement that atleast we tried as planned, whereas consequences (both good or bad) leave us shocked and surprised 🙂 !

  3. Fresh write up. I really liked it.
    Though I personally think that one must always have alternatives in their life and should work for the goal they are aiming for.
    Life is full of surprises and it would be negative to believe if we only think that it might depress us, it might give us bunch of happiness but whatever it is, life always brings you what you actually deserve.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback, I hope you enjoyed reading the post.
      Life is full of surprises some may be pleasant while others may be not so pleasant but that’s life. You very well said that finally we get what we actually deserve.

  4. Plan B is always good, if one can make such a thing. That depends on the possibility though. If it is possible, I advise and prefer to make it. Even if I am not that kind of a person with plans etc… I still advise that.

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