Do you talk to strangers ?

I often get a chance to travel by myself. Sometimes I get to sit all alone with nobody on my side whereas sometimes I have to sit with strangers. And believe me one gets to see a variety of people while on the go. The person sitting across you may be elderly or young, rich or poor, simple or stylish, sleepy or awake :-D.

It’s so fun to observe these people. But I like to observe them from a distance; usually I don’t start a conversation or interaction with them. I like the “my time” which I get while traveling.

Every time we have a new experience and something new to learn. Sometimes there are talkative aunties who are ready to tell you everything, yes literally everything 😉 about themselves and their families to you and they may share even the deepest secrets with you if you show a little bit of interest. They just go on and on. They don’t care whether you are interested or not.
And if you are lucky enough you may get an opportunity to travel with intellectuals who may share their wisdom with you if provoked.
It’s also fun to see gizmo friendly people who are busy with their mobiles, iPods and laptops. It’s almost as if the whole world is invisible for them.
It gets very irritating when the sleepy guys start snoring loudly and disturb everyone. Some even rest their head on the shoulder of a stranger :-).
Bookworms find their heaven while traveling. They usually read a book from beginning to end without any interruption (if the journey is long enough). For them time just flies.
And then there are the nature’s beauty observers who just keep looking out of the window all the while. I have even seen some, who look out in the dark all night.
Which type of person you are? If you ask me, I get bored very easily so I do all the stuff for some time!

Travelling is a lot fun. Next time you are on the go observe the people around you. I am sure you will enjoy a lot and if you a lucky enough then you may spot someone who is strange or funny. Can you easily interact with people who are strangers? Or you also observe them like me. Either way you can enjoy yourself and be amazed by the variety of people created by the Creator.

Have fun!!! 😀


9 thoughts on “Do you talk to strangers ?

  1. Usually when I travel I like to sit near the window indipendently from the mean of transport, after settling on my seat I look around to see what kind of people I am surrounded by and then usually I watch out of the window if is daytime… After a while I fall asleep, can’t avoid that 🙂 I always have a book with me cos I always think I will have the time and wish to read… but I rarely do it 🙂

  2. Just like you I love to observe people whenever i get a chance .. I never miss an opportunity at the supermarket or at the mall or in the life to say thank you and have a nice day .. I used travel a lot before my little one came and even then I would always make it a point atleast smile to a stranger .. Great pleasure often lie small things we do !!

    Excellent post – I am smiling and feeling inspired all the more ..

    If you get time do visit –

    1. You rightly said that the biggest joy comes by doing smallest acts.
      A kind word, a friendly smile, a helping hand can make someone’s day !

      Thanks for enjoying the post !
      I will surely visit your blog.

  3. I don’t talk to strangers but I’ll observe them 🙂
    Like you said, I do all the stuffs and get bored easily.Then I’ll start dreaming 🙂 🙂

  4. I do all sorts of stuff when I travel. Beginning from book reading to sleeping (not sure, whether I snore! 😉 ) including laughing, observing, smiling, talking, etc.

    When it comes to talking, I will stand the first and talk continuously for hours. All that I need is a listener. And, there a times where I didn’t open my mouth for a couple of thousands of kilometers.

    If I am going on a purpose, I don’t talk much – but the return journey is more of talking for me, most of the times. hahaha…. 😀

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