Surprise !!!

I just love giving and getting surprises ! ( i mean pleasant ones 😀 ) It can simply make our or someone’s day. A surprise always remains a sweet and pleasant memory in the heart’s of both, the surprise giver and the getter.

Today is my Mom n Dad’s Marriage Anniversary. First of all wishing both of you a great life ahead filled with tons of happiness and joys … I hope both of you liked the small surprise i sent.

Colourful Spiral Wind Spinner

It is a bright and colorful gift which spins around when winds of love and happiness blow 😀 just kidding ….. Well it was a small gift which i bought, gift packed and finally sent the courier to my parents as a small surprise. Loved it !!! Right ??? I am sure it will always remind us of how to enjoy the colors of our life !!!

It made me realize that giving surprises is a big fun. It makes me so happy to imagine the happy and gleaming faces. Hope i could see them in real at that moment. If you want to experience this joy, then don’t hesitate, give a surprise to someone today ! Make someone feel special ! Make someone feel loved n cared for ! Try it to feel it 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Surprise !!!

  1. This is gorgeous. I’m sure your folks will be happy 🙂

    Today was the 21st of this girl at work & when she went to lunch everyone chucked balloons & tinsel & shit on her desk. It was so lovely. My 21st was nothing!

  2. I agree. Giving a surprise is fun, memorable and works for all…elders,kids etc 🙂
    I love doing it and your post encourages me doing that again 🙂

    1. Thanks that you enjoyed the post.
      Its true that the sudden joy of getting a surprise and similarly giving one is so out of the world kind of experience. These moments make you feel good years later as well 🙂

  3. Totally agree with you on this post! 🙂

    The funnier part is that, I myself, have remained a surprise to many people, including my own mom n dad. 😀 If I talk about this to my mom, she will chase me with a cricket bat or badminton racket in her hand to the ends of earth! hahahah… 😀

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