14 things to learn from a Kite

14th January is celebrated as the Kite Festival also known as Uttarayan in India. Hundreds of kites are bought and made ready  beforehand for the d-day. One can see innumerable kites of various types soaring high in the sky. This festival is specially celebrated with great pomp and show in Gujarat. Since the break of dawn people start assembling on their terrace and fly kites. The weather is also windy and thus favorable for kite flying. Whole day is spent in flying kites. People have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the terrace itself as no one wants to miss a single moment of fun ! People of all age groups from small children to youth and old can be seen enjoying this festival together.

Every festival has something new to offer from which we can learn a new lesson in life. So i came up with a list of 14 points which we can learn from a kite. Here it goes …

  1. It’s difficult to rise but its easy to fall
    It requires energy and strength to rise. Special efforts are needed to do so. But to fall down is easy. Nothing needs to be done. Gravity does its job well. In the same way we also need to put in some extra efforts to reach a higher level. To go with the crowd or to go along the stream is always easy as it does not require any hard work or extra effort.
  2. A kite needs favorable winds to go higher
    If there is no wind it’s very difficult to fly a kite. It is difficult to rise up in the sky. Similarly even we need help and support of others to reach our goals.
  3. A string is almost invisible but guides the kite
    It’s the string which guides and directs a kite, however it’s almost invisible. Similarly we are constantly guided and motivated by our guides and gurus from the backstage. They play an indispensable role. Just like a kite cannot fly without the string even we will be nowhere without our guides and gurus.
  4. A small tail can maintain the balance of a kite
    Every one sees the kite but forgets the tail. It plays a major role of maintaining the balance of a kite. Similarly even in our life small things affect the journey of life and must be given the required importance.
  5. A kite may get cut
    A kite may get cut by another kite. Similarly sometimes we may be defeated by someone who is better than us. But it’s not something to be ashamed of. We can always learn and imbibe a new lesson from every difficult situation instead of running away from it.
  6. Sometimes birds are injured or killed by a kite
    Numerous birds are injured or killed by the kites. Similarly sometimes our behavior may break someone. Lets try to achieve our goals in such a manner that others are not adversely affected by it. As it is rightly said live and let live. So lets not harm others to achieve our objectives.
  7. A kite can fly irrespective of its color or type
    A kite can fly with same efficiency and reach the same heights irrespective of the color of the kite or of the type of material of which it is made. Similarly every person can achieve their aims and objectives irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. So let’s have a broad outlook and not differentiate people on these petty issues. Each one of us is capable of achieving our goals.
  8. A kite can go on higher and higher
    A kite can go on higher and higher up in the sky. Similarly we can reach unprecedented heights. All that’s required is dedication, hard work and most importantly persistence to reach our goals.
  9. A kite by itself is of no use
    A kite can only be a showpiece by itself. It cannot reach the heights all by itself. A kite is able to move up due to the combination of various factors. And a kite must be aware of it. Similarly we can’t do anything if we have a big ego. It’s always a good team that reaches its destination in the best possible way. Lets convert ‘me’ into ‘we’.
  10. A kite may get struck on trees and poles
    After getting cut a kite may get struck on trees or poles. Similarly in life we may face difficult (not impossible) challenges and get struck. But we must know that it’s not the end. With a little bit of extra effort we can overcome any adversity.
  11. Properly designed kite it able to reach higher more easily
    A kite which is properly designed can reach greater heights with minimum efforts. Similarly if we are prepared to face all the situations with ease in life then we can achieve our goals more easily.
  12. Loosen the string to prevent the kite from getting cut
    The string of the kite is left loose so that it may not get cut by another kite. If the string is tight and tense it breaks more easily. Similarly we need to d-stress ourselves. Stress is a big killer and it prevents us from wholeheartedly enjoying our life and hinders in achieving our goals. So from a kite we can learn to let go in some of the difficult situations in order to avoid getting stressed up.
  13. Kites’ success depends on the flier who flies the kite
    Along with the qualities of a kite the success of a kite also depends on the flier. In our case, we are the kite and God is the flier. So in some cases we may give our 100% efforts for a cause but sometimes the final results depend on luck and God. So lets learn to accept it willingly. Some things may happen as destined. But at the same time it also does not mean that we should stop working to reach our goals.
  14. A kite may not return back to the person it belongs after getting cut
    After getting cut the kite belongs to the person who catches it. It no longer belongs to its previous owner. It’s again ready for a new flight. Similarly after facing a difficult situation we change. We are no more what we used to be. We learn from our mistakes. And finally we are again ready to face new challenges on the path ahead.

8 thoughts on “14 things to learn from a Kite

  1. Greetings for precisely crafting Human life with Kite.In Managament terminology each aspect is existing and being followed in Corporates.In short all 14 characters are retermed in bullets for easy acceptance and to become A great ACHIEVER in life:
    *To meet challenges/Goals.
    *Follow Teamwork
    *Blessings of Almighty
    *To rise above despite fall and learn from mistakes
    *To live and let others live
    *To explore one’s limitless capacity.
    *To set SKY as the limit like an Eagle.
    *To forget Egocentric approach and work in Team
    *Persuation to rise despite difficulties.
    *To adopt well planned approach to reach Goal
    *Lead stressless life and practise some things to LET GO.
    *To accept results as it comes and have Trust on GOD.
    *To change oneself as per situations.

    Hope this will be easy to remember to all in leading the Leaders life.Once again “Well done” for this Explorations.
    Be a practising person to see the bright colours of life.



    1. Thanks a lot for coining the 14 points from a different perspective (from the management point of view). It is the summary of the above post.
      You rightly said that its more fruitful when these points are actually practiced. I hope i will be able to follow these points in life and also encourage others to do so through my actions!

    2. wonderful compilations. I just wish to add one more point

      15. A kite needs to be symmetric in shape to fly: Similar to the shape of the Kite, we also need to balance our head and heart in symmetrical way to achieve success in Life.

  2. I adore kites and used to make them. I even organized a kite festival once. There is a lot to learn from kites and your points remind us of their value.
    Blue skies,

  3. Wow thats great!
    Even i have tried making kites and then tied the string.
    Kite Festivals are a big fun !!!
    Sometimes small things can teach us big lessons !!

    Thanks! Hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂

  4. I made many kites and used up many more kilometers of thread but never focused on learning consciously from what a kite can teach! hahaha.. 😀

    You are appreciated and blessed too! With this, I have a set of blessings from god to reach you personally. 🙂

    No matter what, you will have a very bright future and you can and will shape it so. Not just for you, but also for many others you meet your way.

    I am saying it again, ‘A real good one’.

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