Do you make new year resolutions ? Well, I don’t ! Earlier i used to make them but not any more. I have figured out that it’s almost not possible (not impossible as it’s the work in dictionary of fools 😀 ) to follow these resolutions all through the year. It’s very easy to make big-big new year resolutions but very difficult to follow it religiously throughout the year.

OK if you don’t agree then i can challenge you to answer a few questions, agree ? Do you remember your last year’s resolution ? And secondly did you follow it all through the year ? I can assure 95% people don’t even remember their past resolutions and the 4.5% of the remaining 5% are not able to follow it throughout the year. So i conclude that only 0.5% (maybe) may be able to fulfill their resolutions. These figures are my assumptions and i hope to conduct a survey in future to prove my results :-D.

So i believe that if you belong to those 0.5% people then i encourage you to make more challenging resolutions. But not for others ! Whats the use of preparing yourself for failure ahead. Why to participate in things where you know you will surely fail. If you want to sulk for being unable to follow the new year resolutions in the first week of the new year then go ahead and make the resolutions. As it is found that 85% of the new year resolutions are broken in the first week itself.

I think a better way would be to just sit back and retrospect. Think back of the past year. Your achievements, your experiences and the wisdom you gained from them, your failures, new lessons you learned and everything else about which you can think back of the past year. Take your time. There is no hurry to finish in a day or so. Time will make you recall many such things. Try to feel each experience again. Think if you would like to improve or make any changes in those moments. These are the lessons for the year ahead. Pen then down in the form of an essay or poem, express in the form of painting, or compose a musical note out of it. And i can assure you that these are much more motivating than the mere resolutions which i believe is a fading fad. Whenever you recall your composition you will be filled with a new vigor to fulfill your dreams of the year ahead. It can help in improving quality of life and our outlook towards life.


5 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Resoslutions term being coined by Managament community.While aproaching new year they speak,write bla..bla..on Resolutions without understanding its fate in reality. As rightly said with time the fad will fade out.Well you hv understood the core and substance.Go ahead and lead a joyful journey of life.

  2. Very good post with a lot of thought behind. Appreciate! I mean it.

    suggestion: In a very few places (not all) in this text, if ‘we’ is used in the place of ‘you’, it makes up for a smoother read.

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