Proud to be an Indian

Wishing all a very Happy Indian Republic Day !

This is one of those special days when we are reminded of our devotion to our motherland. It makes us (almost all of us) feel proud of being an Indian ! India is developing everyday. So each day we move a bit forward. Steadily we are moving towards our dream India 2020. It’s a dream of every citizen of the country to make India a developed country by 2020 initiated by the honorable ex-president of India Shri APJ Abdul Kalam.

The change is slow. Sometimes it is not even noticeable. But a change is a change ! And the most important thing is that the change is towards the positive, for the betterment, for a good cause, for the benefit of all. Here are some of our positive points which we have learnt all these years …

  • We are no more frightened of anyone. We raise our voice against any issue which has an adverse effect. We are ready to fight for right. Our voices cannot be ignored.
  • We love our country. We are proud to be Indians. As the results show a large number of people who had settled outside India are coming back due to better living conditions and opportunities.
  • We stay together with peace and harmony. People of all castes and religions enjoy together and lead a happy life. We celebrate each others festivals with same joy. There is  no rift between as it is sometimes portrayed by some people.
  • We are proud of our soldiers who work day and night, risk their lives, sacrifice themselves for their motherland. We cannot compensate what you do in any way. But we are always proud of you and value you.
  • We are aware of our duties and rights. So nobody can cheat us or fool us. We try to do our duties and at the same time enjoy our rights.
  • We are aware. Due to increased modes of information like internet, television, newspapers, magazines etc we are instantly aware of the happenings around us. So now  everybody knows everything.
  • We love the way we are. Sometimes we may seem to follow the western culture. But finally we are happy being our-self. We may change a few things here and there but surely we don’t lose our identity.

Everything cannot be perfect. But its the efforts that actually matter. Today if all Indians pledge to give their best, feel proud of the nation, do whatever they can in building a better tomorrow then it will automatically brighten the future. These things are easy to say, but somewhat difficult to do. But remember nothing is impossible. Once we rise above our selfish motives we can feel a new satisfaction, a hidden joy, a feeling of comfort. As it is rightly said united we stand divided we fall. So lets all unite in building a better tomorrow. “Well begun is half done .” This small step is all that is required today for a happier tomorrow !

This is one of the rare videos which i found while surfing the net. The roads have broadened, the rush has increased, the tableau may be more decorative but the feeling of patriotism and love for the country remains the same. It has been 63 years since this tradition is being followed. Watching this parade makes us feel proud to be an INDIAN !


Surprise !!!

I just love giving and getting surprises ! ( i mean pleasant ones 😀 ) It can simply make our or someone’s day. A surprise always remains a sweet and pleasant memory in the heart’s of both, the surprise giver and the getter.

Today is my Mom n Dad’s Marriage Anniversary. First of all wishing both of you a great life ahead filled with tons of happiness and joys … I hope both of you liked the small surprise i sent.

Colourful Spiral Wind Spinner

It is a bright and colorful gift which spins around when winds of love and happiness blow 😀 just kidding ….. Well it was a small gift which i bought, gift packed and finally sent the courier to my parents as a small surprise. Loved it !!! Right ??? I am sure it will always remind us of how to enjoy the colors of our life !!!

It made me realize that giving surprises is a big fun. It makes me so happy to imagine the happy and gleaming faces. Hope i could see them in real at that moment. If you want to experience this joy, then don’t hesitate, give a surprise to someone today ! Make someone feel special ! Make someone feel loved n cared for ! Try it to feel it 🙂

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14 things to learn from a Kite

14th January is celebrated as the Kite Festival also known as Uttarayan in India. Hundreds of kites are bought and made ready  beforehand for the d-day. One can see innumerable kites of various types soaring high in the sky. This festival is specially celebrated with great pomp and show in Gujarat. Since the break of dawn people start assembling on their terrace and fly kites. The weather is also windy and thus favorable for kite flying. Whole day is spent in flying kites. People have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the terrace itself as no one wants to miss a single moment of fun ! People of all age groups from small children to youth and old can be seen enjoying this festival together.

Every festival has something new to offer from which we can learn a new lesson in life. So i came up with a list of 14 points which we can learn from a kite. Here it goes …

  1. It’s difficult to rise but its easy to fall
    It requires energy and strength to rise. Special efforts are needed to do so. But to fall down is easy. Nothing needs to be done. Gravity does its job well. In the same way we also need to put in some extra efforts to reach a higher level. To go with the crowd or to go along the stream is always easy as it does not require any hard work or extra effort.
  2. A kite needs favorable winds to go higher
    If there is no wind it’s very difficult to fly a kite. It is difficult to rise up in the sky. Similarly even we need help and support of others to reach our goals.
  3. A string is almost invisible but guides the kite
    It’s the string which guides and directs a kite, however it’s almost invisible. Similarly we are constantly guided and motivated by our guides and gurus from the backstage. They play an indispensable role. Just like a kite cannot fly without the string even we will be nowhere without our guides and gurus.
  4. A small tail can maintain the balance of a kite
    Every one sees the kite but forgets the tail. It plays a major role of maintaining the balance of a kite. Similarly even in our life small things affect the journey of life and must be given the required importance.
  5. A kite may get cut
    A kite may get cut by another kite. Similarly sometimes we may be defeated by someone who is better than us. But it’s not something to be ashamed of. We can always learn and imbibe a new lesson from every difficult situation instead of running away from it.
  6. Sometimes birds are injured or killed by a kite
    Numerous birds are injured or killed by the kites. Similarly sometimes our behavior may break someone. Lets try to achieve our goals in such a manner that others are not adversely affected by it. As it is rightly said live and let live. So lets not harm others to achieve our objectives.
  7. A kite can fly irrespective of its color or type
    A kite can fly with same efficiency and reach the same heights irrespective of the color of the kite or of the type of material of which it is made. Similarly every person can achieve their aims and objectives irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. So let’s have a broad outlook and not differentiate people on these petty issues. Each one of us is capable of achieving our goals.
  8. A kite can go on higher and higher
    A kite can go on higher and higher up in the sky. Similarly we can reach unprecedented heights. All that’s required is dedication, hard work and most importantly persistence to reach our goals.
  9. A kite by itself is of no use
    A kite can only be a showpiece by itself. It cannot reach the heights all by itself. A kite is able to move up due to the combination of various factors. And a kite must be aware of it. Similarly we can’t do anything if we have a big ego. It’s always a good team that reaches its destination in the best possible way. Lets convert ‘me’ into ‘we’.
  10. A kite may get struck on trees and poles
    After getting cut a kite may get struck on trees or poles. Similarly in life we may face difficult (not impossible) challenges and get struck. But we must know that it’s not the end. With a little bit of extra effort we can overcome any adversity.
  11. Properly designed kite it able to reach higher more easily
    A kite which is properly designed can reach greater heights with minimum efforts. Similarly if we are prepared to face all the situations with ease in life then we can achieve our goals more easily.
  12. Loosen the string to prevent the kite from getting cut
    The string of the kite is left loose so that it may not get cut by another kite. If the string is tight and tense it breaks more easily. Similarly we need to d-stress ourselves. Stress is a big killer and it prevents us from wholeheartedly enjoying our life and hinders in achieving our goals. So from a kite we can learn to let go in some of the difficult situations in order to avoid getting stressed up.
  13. Kites’ success depends on the flier who flies the kite
    Along with the qualities of a kite the success of a kite also depends on the flier. In our case, we are the kite and God is the flier. So in some cases we may give our 100% efforts for a cause but sometimes the final results depend on luck and God. So lets learn to accept it willingly. Some things may happen as destined. But at the same time it also does not mean that we should stop working to reach our goals.
  14. A kite may not return back to the person it belongs after getting cut
    After getting cut the kite belongs to the person who catches it. It no longer belongs to its previous owner. It’s again ready for a new flight. Similarly after facing a difficult situation we change. We are no more what we used to be. We learn from our mistakes. And finally we are again ready to face new challenges on the path ahead.

Making friends :-)

We all love to have friends ! One can never stop making friends. The friend list always grows on and on. Old friends are treasured and new ones are made. In this way life goes on …

Have you noticed how sometimes we like the company of some people. These people are our favorites. We like to talk to them, to be in touch with them and to interact with them. Time just flies in their company. One never gets bored. I thought about it and finally found out its reason. It’s due to the positive aura around them. One can actually feel it !

Although opposites attract in science in case of people usually its the opposite ! In this case it’s mostly that the likes attract. So we enjoy the company of people who think like us, have similar interests like us or may do things like us ! Although it’s not a rule as some people may also have friends of opposite nature !

Let me come back to the point. However after considering all these issues finally its the positivity that wins the race ! Even if a person is similar to us or has similar interests it’s of no use if he or she has a negative outlook. It’s no fun to be around such people. They always see the negative side of things. They tend to discourage and demoralize others. On the other hand people with positive energy are a great fun to be with. They are always motivating. We like to spend time with them.

So next time when you are on a look out for making new friends stress more on positive attitude instead of a person who is merely like you. Because after all its going to affect our life as well ! Our personality is defined by the company we keep. So if we a surrounded by people who have a positive attitude then even our outlook will change !

Before expecting anything thing from others firstly we must implement it. As they say first do what you preach ! So firstly let’s make our own attitude “positive”. Lets focus on the bright side of things. Lets see the glass half full. Lets try to create a positive and energetic aura around ourselves. And then as i previously said – likes attract. So it will no more be difficult to find positive people with similar interests.  So lets not give up! Lets keep the search ON !!!

Journey called ‘Life’

Life is so uncertain with its twists and turns
A moment of ecstasy & another one of burns
No one can predict what’s coming up next
So let’s face every single moment with zest

 Why to worry and ruin the present?
If we can be happy then why resent?
Joy and sorrow go hand in hand
Even flowers grow on thorny land

 Happiness is incomplete without dismay
Every night is followed by a day
Why get affected by sheer small things
Let’s fill our life with a new Jing

 If things don’t turn out as we like
Buck up and let’s once again strike
Don’t lose hope & don’t give up
Transform half empty into half full cup

 Life is a challenge so let’s face it
Seek happiness in every small bit
Let’s consider sorrows as stepping-stones
Face dangers by removing all skull n bones

 Why to worry about tomorrow, today?
So let’s drown all our tensions in a bay
We will surely get what we deserve
So why be nervous and get unnerved

 What seems wrong may turn out to be right
Let’s not make things worse with our fright
Face uncertainty as a big surprise
Enjoy present as it’s the best prize.

This poem was published in the Times of India dated January 13th, 2012


All of us love to be appreciated. A pat on the back, a few words of encouragement, a tight hug, a motivating smile or any thing else can work wonders on anyone. It motivates us and pushes us forward to work even better in future. Have you ever experienced it ? This one act of appreciation by someone can make our day. It gives us a lot of pleasure. It gives us satisfaction and fulfillment.

But when all of us love to be appreciated then why can’t we appreciate others in the same way ? Why is it so difficult to say a few good words ? Why don’t we express our feelings openly ? Even the Golden Rule rightly says “treat others as you would like to be treated”. If we like to be appreciated then why not wholeheartedly appreciate others as well ?

Let’s try it out from today. If we feel good about something then lets share it. Lets learn to appreciate others. The biggest source of happiness is to make others happy. Appreciating others is one of the best ways of encouraging others and spreading happiness. Lets try to become the cause of others happiness. Lets make someone feel special and wanted. Lets not be a miser while praising others.

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Do you make new year resolutions ? Well, I don’t ! Earlier i used to make them but not any more. I have figured out that it’s almost not possible (not impossible as it’s the work in dictionary of fools 😀 ) to follow these resolutions all through the year. It’s very easy to make big-big new year resolutions but very difficult to follow it religiously throughout the year.

OK if you don’t agree then i can challenge you to answer a few questions, agree ? Do you remember your last year’s resolution ? And secondly did you follow it all through the year ? I can assure 95% people don’t even remember their past resolutions and the 4.5% of the remaining 5% are not able to follow it throughout the year. So i conclude that only 0.5% (maybe) may be able to fulfill their resolutions. These figures are my assumptions and i hope to conduct a survey in future to prove my results :-D.

So i believe that if you belong to those 0.5% people then i encourage you to make more challenging resolutions. But not for others ! Whats the use of preparing yourself for failure ahead. Why to participate in things where you know you will surely fail. If you want to sulk for being unable to follow the new year resolutions in the first week of the new year then go ahead and make the resolutions. As it is found that 85% of the new year resolutions are broken in the first week itself.

I think a better way would be to just sit back and retrospect. Think back of the past year. Your achievements, your experiences and the wisdom you gained from them, your failures, new lessons you learned and everything else about which you can think back of the past year. Take your time. There is no hurry to finish in a day or so. Time will make you recall many such things. Try to feel each experience again. Think if you would like to improve or make any changes in those moments. These are the lessons for the year ahead. Pen then down in the form of an essay or poem, express in the form of painting, or compose a musical note out of it. And i can assure you that these are much more motivating than the mere resolutions which i believe is a fading fad. Whenever you recall your composition you will be filled with a new vigor to fulfill your dreams of the year ahead. It can help in improving quality of life and our outlook towards life.