Train Journey !

Train Journeys are most pleasurable (specially AC) ! 😀  After many days its even more fun. I got a chance to have one after almost an year !

There are so many things one can do. You can just sleep, read books, watch the scenery, just sit and introspect, surf net if you have a laptop and the charging point works ! Time just flies. Otherwise you can do all the things for some time as you have a lot of time.

All this is true if the train runs on time. Indian trains can be late by 24 hours. So it can become somewhat tiring.

PS – You can also write a blog like me in train :-P. Its an unique experience.
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3 thoughts on “Train Journey !

  1. its to much nice dear. Here i also want to share wid u smthg.Actualy i travelled by train once in two month since 3 and 1/2 year regularly. And u wl b surprised by knowing dat i always had a new experiance. I always feel smthng new,smthng special during my each n every every time or at every journy 1 thing is common. Surprised na? Wait wait. I m jst going to tel u wat is dat. My most favourate time spend in train ws dat wen i ws standing near d door and train ws going so fast.. Jst try it specially wen u r alone. I m sure it wl b also amaizing experiance of ur life like me. And 1 more thng i want to share wid u here is dat i got a gud or u cn say best frnd by journy of train wich ws totaly a coincidance. Generally i never talk wid strangers during journy bt i dnt knw why talk wid him on dat day n hw we becm frnds. Bt as we knw jo hota he vo ache k liye hi hota he.

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