Night Shifts

Can you work all night ? Well i can’t. I mean that’s what i thought till now. But now my views are changing ….

Even the day before the final exam i sleep by 11 PM or maximum by midnight. I never ever stayed awake the whole night to prepare for the exams (may be because, mostly i am well prepared 😀 ). I used to think how people could give the exam next day without even sleeping for a few hours ? Won’t they feel drowsy during the exam …

But a big twist came in my life ….

I have to do a project in my final year. After the whole day at college, only the night is left to work on it ! And guess what, i actually enjoy it! Coding, analyzing, debugging, documentation, formatting etc is a lot fun specially when done late night. Time just flies. Hours pass by. Sleep doesn’t even come in my thoughts ! Amazing, right ! specially for a person like me.

And then i analyzed the cause of this change in me. And it is …. I stay fresh as long as i do things of my choice. In this case i can just work on and on sometimes without even taking ‘breaks’ ! 🙂 On the other hand boring or monotonous things are a big no no specially for night shifts. This is the reason why i feel sleepy during exams. I have already revised the syllabus, so reading the same thing again is no fun! Whereas coding is always new and interesting. Different approach s can be used to implement the same task. One needs to find the best one !

A big benefit of night shifts is that the whole world is sleeping. The silence is so peaceful and it also increases the concentration levels. No noise … no disturbance. It leads to generation of new ideas and thoughts ! I have written almost all poems after midnight. And after doing such fruitful work even the sleep is more deep and sound.

It is a great experience. Hope new and challenging tasks keep coming my way and give me opportunity of these wonderful “Night Shifts” !!!

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2 thoughts on “Night Shifts

  1. haha… 😀 I agree with the silence hours, concentration, etc… And, I do work at nights and as you said that is ‘MY’ work.

    When the real work starts at a place of employment, night life becomes a joke and we ourselves laugh at it. Many side effects, hahaha… ask those brothers and sisters, the victims of night shifts, to list them: you can fill your blog haha… 😀

    basic effects:
    1. very soon may be in a couple of months, it sounds like hell, and over a period of time, one really hates working at nights.
    2. 23 years of biological system is put to a challenge and the metabolism changes : fat becomes fatter and the fatter… haha…
    3. the contrary to the world – one sleeps at night when the world including sun is wide awake.. haha…
    4. more to everything, if the person is married – the relationship has many chances of getting screwed up… I have seen my friends changing jobs from night shifts to day shifts etc… 😀

    But, nights are good most of the times – not so healthy though! It is 999 hits so far now on your blog and I made it the 1000. 🙂 haha..

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