I hate love stories !

Some of the Hollywood movies which i watched recently and enjoyed a lot are – 127 hours, In Time, Karate Kid, I am a Legend, Happy Feet, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Social Network, In Pursuit of Happiness and many others. Some of these were exceptionally brilliant.

The first thing which i feel after watching these movies is that why can’t such movies be made in Bollywood. Even billion dollar movies are made here in India. But 99% movies are love stories. Why can’t we move on to the next step.

I guess the main reason is “less demand less supply”. People here are happy watching these love stories with happy endings. The stories are so predictable. Even if the storyline is thriller or horror it will have some part as a love story. This is disgusting ! I am not against love stories but if every other film is a love story then it gets so boring. How can people watch this stuff !

Slowly a few films are being made which are different like A Wednesday, Aamir, Stanley ka Dabba, I am Kalam and some others. Such films win many awards in international film festivals. But very few people actually go to watch such films and most haven’t even heard about them.

Lets grow up ! If we don’t have the taste then lets develop it. Lets see films which may give us a new vision or a new idea. Lets watch films which are sometimes capable of changing our lives ! Lets watch films for a reason other than mere entertainment. At least we can enjoy films of different flavors. I am sure that as the demand grows the supply will also increase.

Till then i am waiting for the day when original films with new, original and unheard ideas will be made. Till then i will thrive on Hollywood films which are ‘different’ along with the regular Bollywood stuff !

4 thoughts on “I hate love stories !

  1. May be the same reason, I end up watching Hollywood movies in Star-movies and HBO rather than going to even a single movie from the woods of Bolly/Tolly/Kolly!

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