A person’s life style and growth depends on satisfaction. Each one of has a different level of satisfaction regarding any particular issue or  about the life in general. And i feel that this level of satisfaction plays a major role in deciding and shaping our future. Well let me elaborate it more so that the picture becomes more clear.

Firstly consider the case, where an individual is very satisfied with the life. He faces life as it comes. He may not have very big dreams or major goals to achieve. And sometimes he may be quite happy and content with his life. Being content is good but not when there is nothing to look forward in life.

Next lets take the case of an individual who is moderately satisfied. He has goals to be achieved and deadlines to be met. He gets satisfied when his goals are achieved. But failures make shake his a bit. However such a person may also lead a happy life. And the most important thing is that he will enjoy the journey of life as well as the pleasure of reaching the destination.

Lastly the case of a person who is never satisfied. He is never happy with what life has to offer. He is always demanding something more and more from life. Such kind of people can sometimes also be grumblers. They find happiness only when the goal is reached. They cant enjoy the journey of life. They are always working harder and harder in pursuit of their goals. However a very good quality of such people is their perseverance. They usually don’t leave things half done.

So i feel these are the types of people categorized on the level of satisfaction in their lives. No one is better than the other. Each type of person has some good and bad qualities. Also the level of satisfaction is defined by our own nature. However moderation is always good.

After reading this, please share what kind of person you are !