Glory of Life

Life is a glorious gift of mine

I will let it sparkle and shine

By making full use of the time

The conclusion will be extraordinarily fine

I will not sit to dine

Till I remove all the crime

Good deeds will be done in a line

Whom anyone can examine

Show me the correct path, O Divine!

Because sometimes life is sour like lime

I am composing this rhyme


Life is a glorious gift of mine

I will let it sparkle and shine

This is my first poem. I wrote it when i realized the beautiful sound of rhyming words. It dates back to the year 2004 and even now it is one of my favourites


Exams are the biggest stress causing agents in the student life.

Exams have its pros and cons …..



They say exams help in judging the subject grasped.

People can be graded according to their knowledge.



Can exams really judge the potential or subject knowledge ? Well i don’t think so.

Sometimes the best thing which is judged by exams is “learning power”  😀

I have myself seen many who don’t have a good subject knowledge but fair very well in exams. Then there is no difference between a person having actual knowledge and by hearted knowledge.

Sometimes it is easy to understand a topic but it is difficult to write.

Some are not able to perform well due to stress 😦



Its true that there should be some way to judge the knowledge gained on a subject.

But please not examsssssss 😀

Its time that we engineers build a machine which can measure the knowledge gained by a person on a topic.

Thus we can directly measure “actual knowledge”.

Tension free ……….. Exam free life !!!