Hostel Life

My Second Home ...

We can learn a lot of things by staying in a hostel. We become more responsible and independent. Hostel life changes our way of life and also makes us more mature.

So here i present 10 lessons which i have learnt during my “Hostel Life” –

  1. To adjust with people. Each and every person is different with different attitude and ideas. So one learns to understand others feelings.
  2. To be independent. All my needs are to be fulfilled by me. So no more calling mom for snacks or something. If i need it, i have to get it.
  3. Traveling alone. I have learned to travel by myself and i enjoy it !
  4. To follow my own timetable. I can get up when i want, eat what i want, study when i want, sleep when i want and do what i want. I am my master.
  5. I have understood the difference between right and wrong. I am fully responsible for my decisions. So no blame game !
  6. To adjust with any kind of food. So now home cooked meals are a luxury.
  7. Enjoy life with friends. Friends and room mates are constant companions. So life becomes much more fun!
  8. To sleep with the lights ON !
  9. To lead a happy life without TV. Anyways i was never addicted to it. No TV No Time waste !
  10. To adapt and to adjust. To let go a few things for the sake of others happiness 🙂

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